The 2017 Wisdom Warrior Newsletter – Bohdi Sanders

The 2017 Edition of The Wisdom Warrior Newsletter is NOW AVAILABLE! The 2017 edition has been a long time coming, but it is finally here, and man, it is awesome! It includes articles by Shihan Bohdi Sanders, Sifu Al Dacascos, GM Harry Greene, GM Joy Turberville, GM Richard Hackworth, GM Rocky Twitchell, and GM Terrence […]

The Truth About “Master” Alain Burrese

The Truth About “Master” Alain Burrese Alain Burrese has been attacking my character online for years. I finally got fed up with all the libelous lies, harassing phones calls to my friends, in which I was slandered, harassing phone calls to my home, personal attacks on my family, and complete and utter defamation of my […]