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Dangerous Warrior/Martial Arts Skills

What I do have are a particular set of skills, skills I have developed over a very long career, skills that make me a nightmare for people like you.   Really proficient warriors have a very dangerous, very specific set of skills, that do indeed make us very dangerous for people who give us no […]

The Inner Battle

The Internal Battle Bohdi Sanders, Ph.D.   Many times, warriors have to fight some enormous internal battles. Many of us have both the skills, and the will, to destroy those who come against us, but we have to learn to control our urge to destroy our enemies, unless we have no other choice. We have […]

Is Honesty Always the Best Policy?

Is Honesty the Best Policy? In whatever position you find yourself determine first your objective. Marshall Ferdinand Foch We hear the phrase that honesty is the best policy over and over again throughout our lives. But it is completely true? Is honesty always the best policy? Do we destroy our honor, character, and integrity by […]

The Ultimate Warrior: Pick Your Battles

Pick You Battles If a battle cannot be won, do not fight it. Sun Tzu You have to pick your battles wisely. Not every conflict is worth turning into a major battle. There are certain battles which simply cannot be won no matter how much effort you put into them or what strategies you use. […]

Joe Bad Ass – The Psychology of Intimidation

Joe Bad Ass: The Psychology of Intimidation When we direct our thoughts properly, we can control our emotions. W. Clement Stone The psychology of intimidation can be a tricky thing. I have friends who are ex-lawmen or long-time martial artists who have asked me about the fact that people they meet seem to be intimidated […]

Adapt or Die

Adapt or Die The wise man adapts himself to the circumstances. Confucius The warrior lives by a certain set of standards, a code of honor if you will. There are certain things that he will not do because those things go against his beliefs and the standards which he has set for himself. Many of […]

Politically Correct Rip Tides

Politically Correct Rip Tides Every action we take, everything we do, is either a victory or defeat in the struggle to become what we want to be. Anne Byrhhe We live in a politically correct environment, like it or not, that’s simply the way that it is in our current society. Be this as it […]

Men of Honor?

Men of Honor? I have written many times about the difference in being a true warrior as apposed to merely being someone who is trained to fight or skilled at fighting. There is a difference in being a soldier and in truly being a warrior. This is not to say that soldiers are not warriors, […]