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Do No Harm, But Take No Shit! Bohdi Sanders

  Justice is a kind of pact, not to hard or be harmed. Epicurus There is a big difference between a pacifist, who is totally anti-violence, and a true warrior who desires peace. A pacifist doesn’t believe that violence is ever called for, no matter what the circumstances may be. The warrior knows that there […]

5 Kinds of Martial Artists – Bohdi Sanders

5 Kinds of Martial Artists Not everyone begins martial arts for the same reason. Everyone has their own goals and personal reasons for deciding to integrate martial arts into their lives. I have thought about this and narrowed these reasons down to five main motivations for getting into the martial arts: 1) Those who are […]

Defend What You Love ~ Bohdi Sanders

Warriors don’t work hard perfecting their martial arts skills because they love fighting. They don’t hurt, bleed, and sweat in order to brag about their skills. True warriors don’t train for glory or recognition. They train to protect those who cannot protect themselves – their family, the weak, the elderly, and those who deserve their […]

If a Battle Can’t be Won, Don’t Fight It.

  If a Battle Can’t be Won, Don’t Fight It. Sun Tzu      You have to pick your battles wisely. Not every conflict is worth turning into a major battle. There are certain battles which simply cannot be won no matter how much effort you put into them or what strategies you use. They are […]