The Warrior – How True Warriors Are Different

The Warrior

Warriors do not lower themselves
to the standards of other people;
they live independently, according to
their own standards and code of honor.
Hanshi Bohdi Sanders


To all of the warriors who refuse to lower their standards to those of other people, who live independently according to their own code of honor, I salute you. It is the true warriors in this world, that keeps the sacred spirit alive. While the character, honor, and integrity of others may be decaying, the warriors of this world keep those sacred traits alive and well, and live them every day.

While political correctness may be destroying this world at a rapid pace, the warrior refuses to take part in this destruction, choosing instead to live by his own standards, and having the courage to call a spade a spade. While others are self-absorbed, weak, and clueless about the evil in this world, the warrior is prepared, strong, skilled, and ready to meet the evil that others refuse to acknowledge, and hope doesn’t come their way.

While others depend on the government, their neighbors, someone – anyone, to save them during the time of trials and tribulations, the warrior stands ready, self-sufficient, and dependent on the fact that he has prepared himself (or herself) – spirit, mind and body, for whatever may come his way. While others hide and cringe in the face of the predator, the warrior stands proudly, ready to meet the dangerous predator face-to-face and calmly adjust his attitude and anatomy, if needed.

While others keep up with the latest reality shows, the spoon fed “news,” and argue over kid’s games, the warrior studies and increases his knowledge, prepares his mind, and sees the truth behind the veil. While others spend hours on the couch, glued to the television, the warrior spends hours training his body, his martial arts skills, his self-defense skills, and his mental acuity. While others waste time in mindless, useless conversations, the warrior spends time in meditation, strengthening his spirit.

And, when others enter a new month a little fatter, a little softer, and no better for the wear, the warrior enters the new month stronger, more knowledgeable, more skilled, and more prepared. The warrior lifestyle – it’s not for the lazy, cowardly, weak of heart, or weak of mind. The warrior lifestyle is for those who live life with purpose, foresight, and wisdom. WARRIOR ON my friends!

Dr. Bohdi Sanders
author of the award-winning book,
MODERN BUSHIDO: Living a Life of Excellence

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