Challenge Yourself to Improve Your Life Every Day


If it does not challenge you,
it will not change you.
Zig Ziglar


Are you just maintaining your skill level or are you continually pushing yourself to improve? Kaizen is a Japanese word that roughly translated as constant, never-ending improvement. This should be the warrior’s ultimate objective – constant, never-ending improvement each and every day, in every part of his life. You cannot achieve this if you do not challenge yourself.

Think of it in the terms of strength training. If you get to the point that you are curling a certain weight, let’s say 50 lb dumbbells, and you never go beyond that weight, your gains will plateau. You will not go beyond what you have already achieved unless you challenge yourself to lift more. You will not improve. This same principle goes for everything in life. Think about it, would you get more flexible if you never pushed yourself further than the flexibility that you have already achieved? Of course not.

Now, apply this to every area of your life and you will see that you must continue to challenge yourself in order to continue to better yourself. Remember, you are not in competition with anyone else; your goal is to be better than YOU were yesterday. Challenge yourself to improve your life in some way, each and every day.

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