Justice Demands Action

Justice Demands Action

A story related to me by my friend Clint in my last blog reminded me of this. As warriors, we never want to hurt someone. Well, maybe at times we would like to, but we refrain from doing so unless it is absolutely necessary. But there are times when it is necessary. Certain behaviors demand that action be taken, especially when the protection of others is involved.

To spare the ravening leopard
is an act of injustice to the sheep.
Persian Proverb

As a teacher I have had to deal with several menacing students over the years. I had one student who was constantly disruptive, threatening and abusive to both teachers and students. Other students and some teachers were afraid of him. He disrupted the education of students who actually wanted to learn and to make something of their lives. This student made threats to teachers and students alike. With all of this going on for months, the administration refused to expel this student because they wanted to be “compassionate.”

As warriors, we should be compassionate, but there is a flip side to compassion. The other side of the coin is that their compassion for this student was actually an act of injustice to all of the other students and teachers. By letting this student stay in school, the administration was interfering with the education of the good students who were doing what they should be doing. You can’t have it both ways. You have to make a decision.

Pardoning the bad, is injuring the good.
Benjamin Franklin

You can also commit injustice by doing nothing.
Marcus Aurelius

The same thing goes for our justice system. When our justice system has mercy on the violent criminal and gives him a light sentence or probation, it is really an injustice to the next person this criminal assaults. It just reinforces in his mind that there are no real consequences to his actions and that what he is doing is worth the minuscule risk that he has to take.

Who does not punish evil, invites it.
German Proverb

Warriors are by nature compassionate people, but there are limits to their compassion. When a wolf is killing your sheep, is it your duty to be compassionate to the wolf or to the sheep? A decision has to be made. Do you spare the wolf or protect the sheep? You can’t do both. The warrior should always stand on the side of justice.

When you are just you use your character as law.

Warrior Wisdom

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