The Warrior

The Warrior

Warriors should exhibit the best qualities among men. The true warrior makes a firm decision to try to perfect his character and to live by a strict code of ethics. His word is his honor. His duty stays fresh on his mind. He lives life a little more seriously than most, but at the same time lives life to its fullest.

He sees through the veil of appearances covering most parts of this world, but does so without looking down on those who are less perceptive. Family and friends are important to him, and they know that they can always count on him for protection and help in their times of need.

He bases his decisions on his code of ethics, and instinctively knows right from wrong, and chooses right. He knows that, at times there is a difference between what is right and what is legal. The warrior assesses each man by his intentions and actions, rather than his appearances and words.

He is able to hold his head high with honor because he knows that he lives his life to the best of his ability, with honor and integrity. He lives the code that he professes. The warrior truly is the best among men.

The cherry blossom among flowers, the warrior among men.
Japanese Maxim

Bohdi Sanders
Warrior Wisdom


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