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The Warrior Lifestyle & Warrior Wisdom

What does it mean to live life to the fullest?

What does it mean to live a life of character, honor and integrity?

What does it mean to live life in your own way, by your own code of honor?

What does it mean to live a life of excellence?

These are just a few of the things that you will learn from The Wisdom Warrior website and the innovative writings of the award winning author, Bohdi Sanders, Ph.D.

Isn’t it time that you started living your life to the fullest?

The sands of time stop for no one and you have so many mountains still to climb. Today’s the day to start living the WARRIOR LIFESTYLE! You won’t be disappointed!

Join the 1,000′s of others who have already discovered the power behind the warrior lifestyle.

Please feel free to explore the dozens of enlightening articles and thought provoking insights on THE WISDOM WARRIOR site.

Also, check out Dr. Sanders enlightening Award Winning Books which guide you on your journey through the warrior
lifestyle to ultimate self-knowledge
and  purpose in life.

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Endorsements for the Wisdom of the Warrior Lifestyle

It’s rare to find a book so rich and thought provoking that you can read it again and again and get something a little different out of it each time. Indeed, there isn’t a quotation and discussion in here that doesn’t pertain to each of us… I highly recommend Warrior Wisdom…Read this book, and then read it again and again and again.

Loren Christensen, author of Warrior Mindset

It is a thinking person’s guide to development as a martial artist, warrior, and human being. And, it’s something worth reading more than once.

Lawrence Kane, author of: The Way to Black Belt

Dr. Bohdi Sanders has rendered society a great service with Warrior Wisdom. Buy it, read it, live it and see the improvements in your own life. Pass this on to your children – the next generation. They’re going to need it!

Kevin Brett, author of: The Way of the Martial Artist

A MUST READ BOOK for anyone who wants to delve into the philosophical aspects of being a moral and honorable warrior. I cannot recommend this book highly enough!

Shawn Kovacich, author of: The Achieving Kicking Excellence Series

I encourage anyone to read this text and focus on the character and self-discipline lessons Sanders shares. Incorporating even some of the advice into your daily living will make a difference. If you are a warrior, or desire to live as one, read Warrior Wisdom.

Alain Burrese, author of: Hard-Won Wisdom from the School of Hard Knocks

I think for many people when they read this work, they will realize a new and functional insight they did not previously enjoy…You must endeavor to truly understand this reality in order to follow your truest and best path. Warrior Wisdom is a fine tool to help you find that understanding in all its depth too…”Buy it, read it, live it .”

Peyton Quinn, author of: Freedom from Fear


Overall, the list of of martial artists and authors who have endorsed the Warrior Wisdom Series speaks for itself. These are books that have the power to change your life for the better, and have actually been called life-changing by many. Living the warrior lifestyle is not about fighting or being macho. The warrior lifestyle is about living your life to the fullest – living a life of excellence.

MODERN BUSHIDO: Living a Life of Excellence



This is the NEW BOOK from Dr. Bohdi Sanders. Modern Bushido explores the 30 essential traits of the warrior lifestyle. This is a MUST READ for anyone who wants to live a life of excellence, full of honor and integrity. The warrior lifestyle is not simply for martial artists or those in the military; it is for anyone who strives to live his or her life by the highest standards! That is what Modern Bushido is all about – living a lifestyle of principles and character. If you want to improve your life and live by a higher standard than the average person, this book is for you!  Introduction by Dr. David Nelson, the author of Black Belt Healing.  248 pages.  $16.97


Modern Bushido USA



Modern Bushido CANADA





  1. lisanng Said,

    I’ve just discovered you through a page I ‘like’ on Facebook. I don’t believe in coincidence, and there is a deeper meaning for this recent discovery, not just the validation I feel after reading excerpts from your book and the posts and comments. I don’t feel so alone on this journey as I had, not that it makes it any easier, but knowing there are others of like mind and character gives me hope….

  2. The Wisdom Warrior Said,

    Thank you for the comment. There is never an coincidences, only the way things are meant to come together. Glad you are enjoying the website and my books! Bohdi

  3. dystopia Said,

    Hey! When i first discovered you and your website i was very excited, this is what i’d been looking for, this was me. I immediately put you on my favorites list. I’ve been thru some ups and downs since that first day i found you and i tried to ignore your name on that favorites list, because your site reminds me what i should be doing with my life. Anyhow your site contains what i consider the truth and theirs no getting away from the truth!

  4. The Wisdom Warrior Said,

    Thank you! It is very nice of you to take the time to write and let me know. :)

  5. Tc.liming Said,

    In times of total chaos where most of the world has “Forgotten” what it means to Have “Honor and Respect” Your page speaks volumes of it, like a tiny yet powerful voice that says: “Remember!” I have spent an hour going through everything you have here and I am down right impressed! I will continue to come back because this is a true resorce of Honorable Information on what it means to be “A Warrior.” I have already passed your link through my personal Facebook page and have booked marked (as well as signed up) for your page. I am Definitely looking forward to many returns.

  6. The Wisdom Warrior Said,

    Hello TC,

    Thank you for the nice comment! I am glad you are enjoying the site and my pages on Facebook. Please visit often and feel free to share the posts and the wisdom. Bohdi

  7. Mel_W Said,

    I can’t find The Secrets of Worldly Wisdom and Wicked Wisdom selling anywhere. Why is this?

  8. The Wisdom Warrior Said,

    Thanks for the great question! The Secrets of Worldly Wisdom was redone and renamed Defensive Living, although I do have 5 copies of Worldly Wisdom left if you would like to order one of them.

    I do not sell Wicked Wisdom anymore, as I do not own the rights to it. I am only selling books on my site that I now own the rights to. But it is available on

  9. Ruben Said,

    Dr. Sanders – I am the clinical director at a juvenile detention center (most kids are here for 6 months plus – sent by their probatin offices) in Granbury,Texas, and have recently introduced several of your books to them. The response from the kids has been overwhelming – and am now daily being asked for more copies by the kids. If I order a batch of ten or more books, could you give us a preferred or reduced rate? Also any old editions would also be appreciated (if we can get a reduced cost). Our kids are really responding to your book and talk of “Dr.Sanders” and the “Code / Lifestyle” at every group (therapy) we have. If you could send them a message (for me to convey to them), I would also appreciate it. Thanks tremendously – keep up your effort. It is magnificent.

    Ruben M. Aguirre, Psy.D., Clinical Director,
    Granbury Regional Juvenile Justice Center
    1300 Crossland Road
    Granbury, Texas 76048
    Tel# 817-579-0852
    Fax# 817-579-0853

  10. Mel_W Said,

    any plans to re-do or update or revise Wicked Wisdom?

  11. The Wisdom Warrior Said,

    No, my old publisher still owns the rights to that book, so I do not own it and therefore cannot redo it or update it.

  12. The Wisdom Warrior Said,

    I will give you a call Ruben.

  13. AdamWingTsun Said,

    Dr Sanders,
    I will be buying your book as soon as my paycheck comes in. I am based in Cape Town, South Africa. I am looking for a group or forum to live and learn this stuff. I have found peace and meaning in martial arts and am looking for a community to experience and share the growth and inner wisdom that comes with that. I am also training in the gym and looking to implement the way of the warrior at work and as a parent… This is not a discussion forum, but I am looking for one based on these principles.



  14. The Wisdom Warrior Said,

    Hi Adam,

    I post articles on my website often, but not many people chat or discuss things on here. For a great martial arts forum and lots of great information, check out my page on Facebook called WARRIOR WISDOM AND THE WARRIOR LIFESTYLE. I post on this page daily and we have some great discussions there.


  15. willy080771 Said,


    I have just finished reading Warrior Wisdom and have found the book to be very helpful as a referal source when there are times of trouble within myself. The path of the warrior is a very difficult path as you suggest but a worthwhile one that is full of obstacles but nevertheless I am striving for the warrior path. I deal with people everyday in my chosen profession as Safety Advisor on oil and gas construction and its great that I ahve your book to refer to when sometimes things and people are looking like getting the better of you. I have still another 4 of your books to read and I’m sure they will be just as enjoyable, informative and have a positive effect on my life in making me the best person I can be.

  16. The Wisdom Warrior Said,

    Thank you very much! :)

  17. Trex632 Said,

    Bohdi Sanders,
    I really enjoy your posts on Facebook and the articles you post. Your site is very much needed in today’s society where there is much imbalance and discord. I work as a police tactics instructor for a state law enforcement agency and use much of what you share for the mindset of a warrior. I’ve received nothing but positve feedback! I look forward to reading and applying much more of what you post!!
    Many blessings to you,
    T- Rex

  18. The Wisdom Warrior Said,

    Thank you very much T-Rex! I appreciate the kind words. You may want to check out my books as well. If you would like books to use in your training, I do offer an instructor discount. Let me know if you are interested.



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