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So, who is the Wisdom Warrior?

The Wisdom Warrior is Dr. Bohdi Sanders, a multiple award-winning author of over 8 books on martial arts philosophy and the science of living life to the fullest. His writing focuses on integrating universal wisdom, honor, and integrity into one’s personal life. He has won 9 national awards for his superb writing and his contributions to the martial arts.

Dr. Sanders is also a renown martial artist of over 30 years and a 5-time Martial Arts Hall of Fame inductee. He currently holds a black belt in Shotokan Karate, and has experience in Ninjutsu, Jujitsu, and Krav Maga. He also has the honor of being on the board of directors for  The Extreme Budo Federation, along with such esteemed martial artists as Al Dacascos, Dan Harless, Col. Phil Torres, Andy Horne, Rick Beal, and Joseph Slonski.

In addition, Dr. Sanders has extensive training in the holistic arts. He has a doctorate in Health and in Naturopathy, and is a certified Master of Acupressure and a Reiki Master. Dr. Sanders is also a Certified Specialist in Martial Arts Conditioning and a Certified Personal Fitness Trainer. His scope of knowledge also includes extensive training in the fields of survival arts, meditation, bodywork, and healing herbs.

His books and articles are very popular with martial artists, military personnel, law enforcement officers, and people who simply want to improve their lives and live life to the fullest. His book, MODERN BUSHIDO, hit the #1 spot on Amazon.com, and amazingly, maintained a spot in the TOP 10 on Amazon.com’s Bestseller List for 83 WEEKS!

Each of his other books, WARRIOR WISDOM: Ageless Wisdom for the Modern Warrior, WARRIOR: The Way of Warriorhood, The Warrior Lifestyle, Defensive Living: The Other Side of Self-Defense, and Wisdom of the Elders, have also hit the TOP 10 on the Amazon.com Bestsellers List! In addition to his books, Dr. Sanders has written over 200 articles on subjects of interest to people who are interested in living life to the fullest, with honor and gusto, and is currently a columnist for TaeKwondo Times Magazine. He also has a very large following on his Facebook page, Warrior Wisdom and the Warrior Lifestyle.

All of Dr. Sanders’ training has been integrated into a holistic way of life which he calls the Warrior Lifestyle. The Warrior Lifestyle goes much further than the basic martial arts lifestyle, encompassing spiritual, mental, and physical aspects of living life to the fullest. He is  known for his innovative way of integrating worldly wisdom from throughout the ages with the martial arts and living life to the fullest. This lifestyle focuses on the perfection of character, honor, and integrity, as well as defensive living and various spiritual aspects.

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Endorsements for the Wisdom of Dr. Bohdi Sanders

It’s rare to find a book so rich and thought provoking that you can read it again and again and get something a little different out of it each time. Indeed, there isn’t a quotation and discussion in here that doesn’t pertain to each of us… I highly recommend Warrior Wisdom…Read this book, and then read it again and again and again.

Loren Christensen, author of Warrior Mindset

 It is a thinking person’s guide to development as a martial artist, warrior, and human being. And, it’s something worth reading more than once.

Lawrence Kane, author of: The Way to Black Belt

Dr. Bohdi Sanders has rendered society a great service with Warrior Wisdom. Buy it, read it, live it and see the improvements in your own life. Pass this on to your children – the next generation. They’re going to need it!

Kevin Brett, author of: The Way of the Martial Artist

I encourage anyone to read this text and focus on the character and self-discipline lessons Sanders shares. Incorporating even some of the advice into your daily living will make a difference. If you are a warrior, or desire to live as one, read Warrior Wisdom.

Alain Burrese, author of: Hard-Won Wisdom from the School of Hard Knocks

Overall, the list of of martial artists and authors who have endorsed Dr. Sanders’ books and philosophy speaks for itself. These are books that have the power to CHANGE YOUR LIFE for the better, and have actually been called LIFE-CHANGING by many. Living the warrior lifestyle is not about fighting or being macho. The warrior lifestyle is about living your life to the fullest – living a life of excellence. 

To see more testimonials about the power of Dr. Sanders’ books and writing, check out our testimonials page.

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