How we train is how we shall respond.

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How we train is how we shall respond.

Kelly S. Worden

Warriors of the past took their training much more seriously than people seem to today. Musashi stated that one should train more than he sleeps. Now, in today’s society, we realize that this is impossible, unless you are independently wealthy. We all have to make a living and provide for our families. There are just too many responsibilities on our plates today to devote six to eight hours each day to our training. Because of the time constraints on our lives, it is even more important to be focused during our training time.

The time that we have to train is much too short and it is vital that we be focused and mindful during our training. How you perform during your practice time is ultimately how you will perform in a time of crisis. Your training matters. Practice does not make perfect; perfect practice makes perfect. You should take your training seriously. Don’t just haphazardly walk through your training sessions like a zombie. Make them count. Push yourself and strive for improvement each time you enter the dojo.

Master Funakoshi taught that you should always take your training deadly serious. The reason for this is pretty obvious, especially considering the type of skills that warriors are training to obtain. When the time comes that you need to call on the skills that you are trying to perfect, it could very well be a deadly serious situation. At that point in time you will be glad that you took your training seriously and applied yourself to your training, spirit, mind and body.

Bohdi Sanders ~ excerpt from the book,
WARRIOR: The Way of Warriorhood


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