Prepare for the Worst ~ Hope for the Best

Prepare for the Worst ~ Hope for the Best

Nothing is better or surer than fixing things in such a way that you are safe,
not because your enemy is unwilling, but because he is unable to hurt you.
Francesco Guicciardini

This quote by Francesco Guicciardini, from his great book, Maxims and Reflections, should be taken to heart by every warrior. This is what you are training for in your dojo. This quote should be posted in every dojo throughout the country. The warrior should not depend on the goodwill of some thug; that is madness. You can’t count on the probability that your enemy is really not motivated enough to truly hurt you, whether physically or in some other way.

This careless attitude offers you no security whatsoever, only a naïve faith in the goodness of those who may not be so good. Instead of hoping that your enemy will be unwilling to hurt you, it is much better to take steps to ensure that he can’t hurt you, even if he so desires. Don’t leave things up to chance. Fix things so that your enemy is unable to hurt you, then you will have peace of mind and a degree of security that comes with knowing that you are prepared for whatever your enemy may throw at you.

It seems that the majority of people today are doing just the opposite. They are walking around totally unprepared, mindlessly hoping that their enemy or the thug on the street is simply unwilling to hurt them. They live a life of chance. This is not the way of the warrior. The warrior takes pains to ensure that he is ready for whatever he may encounter.  Structure your life in a way that you know that you are safe, at least as much as you can. Be prepared.

Bohdi Sanders

The Warrior Lifestyle: Making Your Life Extraordinary

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