No one is undefeatable

The Biggest, The Best, The Strongest…They All Go Down

No one is undefeatable. Everyone is human, and as a human being, everyone has the same vulnerable targets. Even the biggest, strongest, toughest thug that you can imagine running into on the street has his weaknesses. David killed Goliath, not by being in better shape or by being better trained, but by keeping his cool and using his mind. Sure he was proficient with his slingshot, but had he panicked at the sight of this giant warrior, he probably would not have had the accuracy needed to defeat his enemy. We are talking about a young boy, killing a seasoned warrior who was supposed to be undefeatable.

In any physical confrontation there are many variables which can totally alter the outcome of the fight. There are an unlimited number of mistakes that can be made, many of which could end the confrontation if the warrior keeps his cool and is able to see the opening. The trick is to always maintain a calm, rational mind-set. Let your training and your spirit guide you. Don’t think too much.

Anyone, at any given time,
given the right set of circumstances,
can defeat anyone else.

Shawn Kovacich

Essentially, allow yourself to enter what is known as mushin. Mushin literally means mind-no-mind. You mind is calm and sharp, but at the same time you are not actively “thinking” about what you should do or what you should not do; your spirit is in control, not your mind. In mushin, all of the training and techniques that you have worked on day after day will flow automatically. The warrior can’t allow himself to be psyched-out by the illusion that his opponent is indestructible. Nobody is undefeatable.

From Warrior Wisdom: Ageless Wisdom for the Modern Warrior
by Bohdi Sanders, PhD

The Wisdom Warrior

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