Testimonials From Well-Known Martial Artists

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Colonel Phil Torres, U.S. Marine Corps

I thoroughly enjoyed Warrior: The Way of Warriorhood, as I have enjoyed Dr. Bohdi Sanders’ other works. In my capacity of conducting leadership workshops in the U. S. and abroad, I have had the opportunity to read much of the material on the market about leadership, teamwork, motivation, human behavior, and communication. I rank Dr. Bohdi Sanders’ work with the best of what’s on the market.

His books are motivational, instructional, and inspirational. They allow us to, through introspection, examine our principles as they relate to our understood roles in the society we live in. They are a great resource for those who desire to keep our society alive, vibrant, and moving forward.

Colonel Phil Torres is a life-long martial artist and competitive shooter. He currently holds the martial arts title of Hanshi.


Dan Tosh, Ph.D., JD

It is with a great amount of humility and honor that I highly recommend this book for everyone – man, woman or young adult to help in the direction of either the development, or turning point, of each man from a real and honest desire to be a member of “Men of the Code.”

Grandmaster Dan Tosh has been training in Shorin-ryu Karate since 1958 and now holds the rank of 10th degree black belt. Dr. Tosh has a Ph.D. in economics, as well as a law degree, and has served as an adjunct professor for Novus Law School.


Frank Dux

I am not a person easily impressed, but Bohdi Sanders’ book, Men of the Code, is everything that I embrace and live my life by. The teachings in Men of the Code are exactly what I teach my students to live by and how I hope that they teach other men to live. The wisdom and teachings in this book are invaluable and something that seems to have been lost in our modern day culture. I can’t recommend this book highly enough!

Hanshi Frank Dux is immortalized by the motion picture based upon his life – Bloodsport. Jean-Claude Van Damme played the role of Frank Dux in this amazing tale of Hanshi Dux’s life. From the years 1975 through 1980 he was the World Full Contact Kumite (no-holds-barred) Champion. He holds 16 world records


Al Dacascos

Dr. Sanders’ writings are filled with motivating, inspirational, and relevant information for men in today’s world. His books are a must read for anyone who is a warrior in life, dealing with character development, integrity building, loyalty, and honor. His books are eye-opening and will motivate you to live a better life. I highly recommend them!

Al Dacascos, Black Belt Hall of Fame in 1977. He has been on the cover of over 185 National and International Martial Arts magazines and has won over 200 martial arts championships.


Dana Gregory Abbott

I believe Men of the Code is a must read and a “go to” book that can be perused over and over. This book offers an excellent written guideline for how to live as a man of honor. I have taken it upon myself to share this book with my adult children to help guide them in their future.

Dana Gregory Abbott, Shihan is an internationally recognized expert of Japanese swordsmanship who has been influential in advancing and spreading the martial arts. He holds a 7th Degree Black Belt, is an inductee into the prestigious Black Belt Hall of Fame



Billy Matheny

I have read Dr. Sanders’ #1 bestseller, Modern Bushido: Living a Life of Excellence, and I can tell you that Men of the Code expands on Modern Bushido, going into even more detail and into more topics which are of vital importance to every man. I consider this book, not only timely, but extremely important. Men of the Code is sure to become a classic. I highly recommend this book. Every man should read it and every parent should use it to teach their sons how to become men.

Billy Matheny is currently in his tenth year as an instructor for the U.S. Air Force Security Forces. He served 20 years in the Air Force and 10 years as a law enforcement officer. He is also the owner and coach of one of the most successful MMA gyms in the country. Billy is also the author of the new book, The MMA Art of War.


Loren Christensen

The wisdom sayings and the discussions herein are simplistic yet they are as meaty as a two-inch-thick porterhouse. I like simplicity in the martial arts. It has got to be simple and it has got to be pragmatic. Clearly, Dr. Bohdi Sanders believes this, too.

So don’t race through his books as if you were reading a popular novel. “Meditate on the information,” “be in the moment,” and “…apply [the] principles to your life.” Think about them and discuss them with your partner, your classmates, and with your students. Discuss them with friends outside of the martial arts, too, as they apply to all facets of your life.

I wish you had written these books 40 years ago before I got into all that trouble. His books are  a wonderful guide to living your life ethically, morally, compassionately, wisely, and exemplary. Oh, I forgot one. It will keep you out of trouble, too.

It’s rare to find  books so rich and thought provoking that you can read them again and again and get something a little different out of it each time. Indeed, there isn’t a quotation and discussion in here that doesn’t pertain to each of us… I highly recommend them!

Read his books, and then read them again and again and again.

Loren W. Christensen ~ author of: Warriors: On Living with Courage, Discipline, and Honor and Warrior Mindset


Lawrence Kane

His books are not only memorable, but thought-provoking and insightful as well. I’m honored to be among the first few people to have read them.

The author’s succinct commentaries…helps you digest the information, understand the essence of warriorhood, and explore your own character as it relates to the topic…Sanders’ books are an excellent resource…It’s a thinking person’s guide to development as a martial artist, warrior, and human being. And, it’s something worth reading more than once.

Lawrence Kane ~ co-author of The Way of Kata, The Way to Black Belt, and The Little Black Book of Violence .


Peyton Quinn

 Bohdi Sanders’ books are about mental “technique,” that is the warrior mindset. He dissects scores of classical martial sayings and brings them into the clarity of our modern life. I think for many people when they read this work, they will realize a new and functional insight they did not previously enjoy…

You must endeavor to truly understand this reality in order to follow your truest and best path. His books are a fine tool to help you find that understanding in all its depth too.

“Buy it, read it, live it .”

Peyton Quinn ~ Author of: Freedom from Fear


Dr. Adam Weiss

Honor, discipline, wisdom, and character building all part of a martial artist’s arsenal – that is what the reader gets from Dr. Bohdi Sanders’ books, and much, much more. I highly recommend his books for anyone involved in the martial arts, and even those of you who may be thinking of going into a particular style of martial art. Warrior Wisdom is a book that I would strongly suggest that you read before, and after, your daily training in the dojo in order to get a complete education, and realize the true spirit of the martial arts. This book would be a great gift for anyone, even if they aren’t involved in the martial arts.

Adam Weiss, D.C. ~ board certified chiropractic physician and a member of the American College of Sports Medicine. Medical director of Weiss Health and Fitness Center. Author and black belt.


Aaron Hoopes

Dr. Sanders’  books are what modern day martial artists need. The knowledge that they offers to a new generation can be considered vital to the continuation of the true path of the warrior.

However, his books offers much more than that. They could also be described as  guidebooks for the perfection of character, something that everyone, not only martial artists can benefit from. If more people were to understand the concepts of integrity, honor, and service towards others, the world would probably be a much nicer place to live.

Dr. Sanders has compiled  fantastic resources for warrior training. The format is wonderful. The depth of his books reflects Dr. Sanders own warrior training. I will surely be using them as a resource guide in my Zen Warrior training program.

Aaron Hoopes ~ Founder of Zen Yoga and the Zen Warrior Training Program.  Author of: Zen Yoga: A Path to Enlightenment through Breathing, Movement and Meditation, and Perfecting Ourselves: Coordinating Body, Mind and Spirit


F. J. Chu

Can wisdom be taught by drawing upon an eclectic list of Eastern and Western sources from antiquity to the modern day, the author repeatedly counsels aspiring martial artists to do two things: first, always do what is just and true; second, always train as if it really matters. As Marcus Aurelius said, “Do every act of your life as if it were your last.”

Dr. Sanders is dedicated with following the path of the warrior. One can debate whether warrior wisdom can really be taught, but Dr. Sanders shows us that it certainly can be nurtured and reinforced. Reserve a place on your bookshelf for his books and turn to them for flashes of insight and inspiration.

F. J. Chu ~ Author of The Martial Way and Its Virtues


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