The Blood of the Warrior Flows Through My Veins ~ Bohdi Sanders

The Blood of the Celtic Warrior
The blood of the warrior
runs through my veins;
don’t expect me to graze with the sheep!

Warriors are different from average, everyday people. We don’t look at life the same way and we don’t think the same way. If a warrior expresses his true views in a group of ordinary people, they will look at him as if he is a neanderthal. They find many of our views repulsive and outdated, as if we never got around to evolving into what they consider to be a gentle, modern man.
These are the same people who think that violence is never acceptable, no matter what, and that everyone is the same, they are all just doing the best that they can. People like this live in a fantasy world, sheltered by their cul-de-sacs and their own little world. They never see the truth, as their rose-colored glasses only allow them to see the world as they wish it to be, not as it truly is.
Warriors have little time for such nonsense. We see things as they are, not as we wish they were. The warrior understands that not everyone on this planet is the same, nor do they think the same. There are many really bad people on this planet. Not everyone shares the same respect for life as those sheltered from life’s harsh realities.
The blood of the warrior runs through my veins; don’t expect me to graze with the sheep! I have little patience sitting around and listening to the views of people who prefer their own ignorance to the truth. I prefer to associate with men and women of character, who understand the way of the world and the need to be prepared to deal with those who have evil in their hearts. These are the men and women of honor and integrity, the warriors.
Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that these misguided, sheltered people are bad people. Most of them are well intentioned, but wrong. They want to see everyone as good-hearted, loving people, just like them. But that is not the reality of the world we live in. You may want to see everyone as sweet and loving, but your viewpoint won’t stop the predator from cutting your throat.
Warriors understand this fact and refuse to live in a fantasy world. We know the difference between a good person and an evil person. We won’t allow our emotions to blind us to the fact that there are many predators in this world, and that we better be prepared to deal with them on their level, only better.
The average person may see our views as violent or radical, but we know better. True warriors are not people who love violence. We don’t want to have to hurt anyone. We are simply people who can see the world as it truly is, and are willing to prepare ourselves to deal with the predators, should they ever cross our path.
We can’t all be sheep or the wolves would rule the world. The world needs those of us with a warrior mindset, those who are willing to stand against the evil in this world. We don’t graze with the sheep because we are busy preparing for what the sheep doesn’t believe exist. The blood of the warrior flows through our veins and we would have it no other way! Bohdi Sanders ~ author of BUSHIDO: The Way of the Warrior, available from Amazon at: or from The Wisdom Warrior website at: Also, check out my #1 Bestsellers, MODERN BUSHIDO and MEN of the CODE!
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