You are Responsible for ALL of Your Actions. Bohdi Sanders

Marcus AureliusYou can also commit
injustice by doing nothing.
Marcus Aurelius

There are many ways in which a man can be unjust. The warrior’s actions must be just. Justice is at the center of the warrior’s thoughts. He strives to do what is right and just at all times. It is his aim to make all of his actions right according to the standards which he lives. He would never consider acting in such a way as to purposely commit an injustice on another human being. But he must consider that refusing to act is an action in itself.

This is a foreign concept to many people. Doing nothing is actually doing something. You are deciding that your action during a certain time period is to sit still, in essence, to not act, and you are just as responsible for the results of this action as you are for any of your other actions. For example, if you see someone get hit by a car and you are in a position to help, but you choose to do nothing, you are responsible for the consequences of that choice. You may not be held responsible by our legal system, but the warrior lives by a higher law than the law of the land.

This is what Marcus Aurelius is saying when he says, “You can also commit injustice by doing nothing.” In the example above, you have committed an injustice to the person who was hit by the car. You did not run over that person. You did not take his wallet while he was lying in the street unconscious, but you did commit an injustice nonetheless, by doing nothing and refusing to help someone in need when you could have taken action. Bohdi Sanders ~ excerpt from the new book, BUSHIDO: The Way of the Warrior available from Amazon at: or from

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