Dr. Bohdi Sanders is Awarded the Honorary Title of Hanshi

Hanshi Bohdi Sanders

Dr. Bohdi Sanders is
Awarded the Honorary
Title of Hanshi

I want to thank all of the masters and grandmasters who thought enough of me and my teachings to award me with the honorary title of Hanshi. The title of Hanshi literally means “teacher of teachers” So many martial artists, who I have great respect for, have told me how much they get from my writings and that they use my books to teach their students. That is what makes this title and this certificate means so much to me.

I don’t write for the money or the fame, but to help people and to hopefully leave something of value behind after I am gone. I will continue to write to inspire and motivate people, not just in the martial arts world, but in all walks of life, for as long as I live. I know from all the letters and emails, that my books are helping many people live a better life, and that makes all the work worth it.

I want to thank the following people for honoring me with the title of Hanshi:

Sifu Al Dacascos
GM Eddie Mapula, Sr.
Col. Phil Torres
Renshi Bill Holman
Soke Richard Hallman
GM Richard Hackworth
GM Joy Turberville
GM Terrence M. Shea
GM Dana Abbott
GM Dan Tosh
GM Harry Greene
GM Harry Mok
Soke Dave Johnson
GM Eric Lee

Your signatures and seals on this certificate will hang in my office and continue to motivate me to teach and help people, both in the martial arts and throughout life. Thank you! Rei ~

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