Bohdi Sanders is Awarded the Martial Arts Title of Shihan

Bohdi Sanders is awarded the martial arts title of ShihanDr. Bohdi Sanders has been Awarded
the Martial Arts Title of Shihan

It is always nice when other martial artists recognize your skills, talents, and contributions to the arts.I am honored to announce that I have been awarded the official title of SHIHAN, with all of the rights and privileges that accompany it, by Soke Richard Hallman.

It is truly and honor for me and I want to respectfully thank you for honoring me with this title, Soke Hallman. This awarded title from completely unexpected. Soke Hallman spent several months doing background checks into every part of my credentials and reading my writings, books, and how I interacted with people.

One day a got a call from Soke Hallman and he told me that he had been researching my background and my credentials, and asked for a copy of my GoDan certificate in order to verify it as well. I thought that he was probably checking me out because he had heard some of the false rumors and lies being spread about me. I have to admit, I was a little nervous sending anyone a copy of my GoDan certificate. I have never put sent it out or put it online before, but I sent it to him.

Soke verified its authenticity, and translated the kanji for me. Then, out of the blue, I got a call one day and he informed me that I was being awarded the official title of Shihan. What an honor!

Bohdi Sanders - Shihan

Thank you very much, Soke Hallman! I am honored that you think so highly of me and will continue to work every day towards perfecting my character in order to live up to what is expected of me as Shihan. I also want to thank the three great martial artists who certified my Shihan Menji, along with Soke Hallman. My Shihan Menji is signed and sealed by each of the following martial artists:

Richard Hallman/10th Dan Soke USSC/VP

Stephen Barber/10th Dan Nidai Soke USSC member.

Scot E. Philips/6th Dan Soke-Dai/Shihan

Young Arthur Smith III/ 6th Dan Renshi

Thank you all very much for this honor! I bow to all with respect. Bohdi Sanders

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