The Truth About “Master” Alain Burrese

Alain Burrese Martial Arts Master or Internet Troll?The Truth About
“Master” Alain Burrese

Alain Burrese has been attacking my character online for years. I finally got fed up with all the libelous lies, harassing phones calls to my friends, in which I was slandered, harassing phone calls to my home, personal attacks on my family, and complete and utter defamation of my character online by the so-called “Master” Alain Burrese. So after over 3½ years of this garbage, I finally had an investigation done to look into the background of the guy behind these personal attacks. Here is what he found.

The investigator stated that, “The evidence appears to show that Alain Burrese is a guy that wants so badly to become a well-known martial artist, self-defense expert, and motivational coach, that he is willing to do almost anything to try to make that happen. The problem for Alain Burrese is that his writing is sub-par at best. His business of self-publishing videos and books appears to be failing. His claims of being a martial arts master and a self-defense expert appear to be greatly exaggerated. And his claim of being a sniper and a sniper instructor also appear to be greatly embellished.”

Furthermore, the investigator stated, “It seems that since he could not successfully achieve any of his goals, he has lowered himself to libel, slander, plagiarism, outright lying, and defamation of character.” Now tell me, when have you ever seen or heard of a real martial arts master that you could describe in such terms? I don’t know about you, but I have never seen a real martial arts master that would lower himself to such actions.

Mr. Burrese claims to be an internationally known martial arts master, teacher, and speaker. The investigation found out that he has no dojo, no students that could be found, and no class…in more ways than one. He is not even well-known in his home town or his own state, much less nationally or internationally. His claims of being a Hapkido instructor also appear to be greatly exaggerated. He claimed he held classes at the YMCA. But the evidence shows that he hasn’t worked there in a very long time and that he only teaches martial arts when they offer an introductory martial arts class. This is where the YMCA offers community classes which run from 6-8 weeks.

In addition, the investigator stated that he found no Hapkido training hall in Missoula, MT at all. So exactly where does this “internationally known” martial arts “master” train? That is a great question, isn’t it, Mr. Burrese? Maybe he trains alone in the backyard of his 1,000 sq. ft. home. Another great question is, “How can someone be an internationally known martial arts master when he can’t even round up any students nor have a successful dojo in a small college town?

It seems that the only teaching “Master” Burrese does, is videotaping himself on his camcorder with his buddies or at backyard barbecues. His techniques are all white belt level, which brings up another question. “Is “Master” Alain Burrese really a martial arts master at all?” Well, according to several sources, it appears that the only thing that “Master” Burrese is a master of is stretching the truth and attacking people on the internet. In fact, he seems to have no problem when it comes to outright lying.

As the investigator looked a little deeper into his martial arts background, Burrese’s story about his martial arts ranks did not hold water. The investigator found a martial arts master who knew Burrese from years back. The investigator said, “It turns out that “Master” Burrese had approached him (the real master) and asked for a belt promotion. When this master turned Burrese down and chastised him for his dishonesty, Mr. Burrese began libeling, slandering, and defaming the man all over the internet.” Sound familiar? Oh, and that master stated that, “Burrese showed up a few weeks later with a belt promotion which Mr. Burrese claimed came from a master in Korea.

According to Mr. Burrese, he flew to Korea, tested for his promotion, and was promoted. But, according to my investigator, who was able to contact the top student of Master Nam Jae Kim, the Korean master which Alain Burrese claims to have been promoted by, Mr. Burrese NEVER tested for his belt promotion.

This student told a much different story. He claimed that Mr. Burrese offered to bring him to the U. S. to do seminars in exchange for a belt rank. Mr. Burrese got his rank promotion, and then flew back to the U. S., and the Korean master was never brought over to the U. S. for any seminars, or anything else. According to this firsthand account, “‘Master’ Burrese bought his belt rank and then did not hold up his part of the deal.”

The investigator also stated, “It turns out that this appears to be another one of Burrese’s patterns. He goes to Korea often and to this date, has brought back 5 black belts. It is well-known in the martial arts world, that masters in Korea are notorious for selling martial arts belt ranks to Americans with enough money.”

In addition, he stated that Mr. Burrese’s claims of being a motivational speaker are greatly exaggerated as well. Apparently, he claims to be an internationally known motivational speaker. The investigation found a completely different story. It seems that Mr. Burrese’s speaking experience is pretty much limited to the local Toast Masters Club, the Rotary Club, the local Garden Club, and the local Forest Service. It appears that Alain Burrese had the brilliant idea to ask to speak for free, video tape himself as if he is speaking to a large audience, and then use the video to market himself as a well-known speaker. The only problem is that the videos show small venues which are half empty and Mr. Burrese enthusiastically barking to a handful of uninterested people about self-defense.

Mr. Burrese also calls himself a sniper and a sniper instructor with the 82nd Airborne. According to my investigator, who spoke to a Green Beret from the 82 Airborne, this is not quite true either. An active Green Beret in the 82nd Airborne pulled Burrese’s paperwork and shined a spotlight on his claim. Mr. Burrese apparently loves to post photos of himself in camo, holding a rifle, from his very short stint in the army. But Burrese only signed up for a minimum 2 years. He got his school paid for, which seems to be his ultimate goal all along. He could not find a job, so he signed up for another 2 years.

The investigation showed that Burrese had some issues in the army. He was not a perfect soldier by his own admission. He took a class called sharpshooting, which according to the report, is a more of a remedial shooting class. He passed the class, got out of the army, and then started calling himself a sniper.

The investigator went on to say, “Apparently, that was not good enough for Mr. Burrese, so he started calling himself a sniper instructor. The only problem with this is that, according to the Green Beret, he was never a sniper or a sniper instructor.” The report clearly shows that Mr. Burrese was simply an assistant to the sniper instructor. According to the Green Beret that my investigator spoke to, “The assistant instructor is merely a glorified title for someone who sets up the targets, hands out ammo, and cleans up the mess afterwards.”

After his time in the army, Mr. Burrese finally got hired by a small law firm in MT. But he apparently he couldn’t manage to keep his job, and still to this day has not been able to find another law position. Why did he lose his job? That is anyone’s guess. The investigator was unable to get this information because of certain employment laws, but he did find discrepancies in Mr. Burrese’s explanation of his employment.

Mr. Burrese states that he just got tired of being a lawyer. But the investigation uncovered the truth. Mr. Burrese continued to job hunt for another position as a lawyer for a couple of years after he was canned? He was unsuccessful. Nobody wanted to hire him. Whatever happened at his previous job, it seems to have been severe enough that no other law firms want to have anything to do with him. I am not a lawyer, so I don’t know anything about that field, but it sure seems questionable to me.

The report shows that Mr. Burrese apparently gave up on finding another law position, which is very strange for someone who spent so many years in school to become a lawyer, but that is the fact of the matter. Apparently, he decided to make a living writing books, making videos, and teaching seminars. The problem with that is that Mr. Burrese apparently isn’t very successful with these endeavors either.

According to the investigator, his book sales have been dismal. His videos appear to be the same and have very mediocre reviews. And the only seminars that the investigator could find that he “teaches” are one that he apparently pays to be included in and a “seminar” in the backyard of his best friend, whose character also appears to be very questionable.

The investigator also stated that it appears to be a pattern with Mr. Burrese, that he attacks those he considers his competition with lies, slander, and libel to destroy them. The reasons behind his actions are debatable, but apparently he has even gone as far as to use multiple fake names. It has been proven without a doubt that he emails readers of his competitors, and even personally calls people to spread his lies about those who he targeted. According to the Green Beret that the investigator spoke to, “Master” Burrese has apparently been sued for defamation of character before. Alain Burrese has also libeled, slandered, and defamed other martial artists.

The investigation shows that Mr. Burrese apparently uses a variety of off-the-wall names to do his dirty deeds. After all, he could not very well use his own name and still market himself as a positive life coach or a motivational life coach, now could he?  It appears that Mr. Burrese found that it is all too easy to make fake profiles with fake usernames and attack his competition anonymously. What real martial arts master would do something like that?

The underhanded dealing does not stop there. The report showed that Mr. Burrese has had no less than 28 LLC’s listed under his name. And 24 of them are listed as non-compliant. In and of itself, there is nothing wrong with this. I have always been an entrepreneur myself, and some of my efforts have failed too. But, if you look at the different businesses, registered in different states, etc., it sure looks very questionable. Of course, none of that really matters except for one other interesting fact that the investigator told me.

Mr. Burrese is writing a book called Sniper Strategies for Business. Okay, stay with me here. The information in the investigation shows that Alain Burrese apparently never was a sniper. It appears that he has been almost a complete failure in business. He appears to not be able to hold a job and works as a part-time security guard around the local campus.

Here is where it gets very strange. Alain Burrese claims to be a licensed, board certified lawyer, an internationally known martial arts master, a well-known author, a business expert, a self-defense expert, and a life coach, but the evidence seemingly shows that he has greatly exaggerated his background and his success.  And now, he is writing a book to tell others how to be successful at business.

That just doesn’t seem to make much sense. If someone is going to write a book about applying sniper strategies to make a success business, should that person at least be a success himself? Would you want to read a book about how to build a house from someone who has never picked up a hammer or a saw?

This man has 28 LLC’s, none of which appear to have been successful. He is a failed lawyer who apparently cannot find a job. He was not very successful in the military, but calls himself a sniper and a sniper instructor, which have been proven to be greatly exaggerated. He calls himself a martial arts master, but that has been shown to be very questionable. Mr. Burrese appears to be a total failure, but now he is writing a book to tell others how to live their life and how to run their businesses.

The investigation clearly shows that apparently Alain Burrese uses libel, slander, and defamation of character as a form of harassment for those he dislikes. He has proven himself to be a liar. The investigation into this man revealed more than I ever imagined it would. “Master” Alain Burrese appears to be less than honest in many areas of his life. You don’t need to be a private investigator to figure this out. Just check the guy out on Google and you will find an abundance of complaints and negative information about this so-called “martial arts master” from a variety of sources.

Now, I don’t know if Mr. Burrese is an actually martial arts master of not, and I don’t really care, but the evidence seems to show that he isn’t. I couldn’t care less whether or not Mr. Burrese is a sniper. But there are thousands of military personnel who probably do care that Alain Burrese is apparently making exaggerated claims about his military expertise. I don’t know much about his unusually large amount of questionable LLC’s, nor do I care.

What I do know for a fact is that Alain Burrese has libeled, slandered, and wrongly defamed my character for several years now. I have a large file of evidence that proves this. I have people who used to be friends with Alain Burrese, but who have distanced themselves from him because of his actions above. These people have contacted me and are willing to testify in court as to Mr. Burrese’s slanderous statements towards me. I have email transcripts where Mr. Burrese has libeled and slandered me to other people.

I have witnesses that will testify to his use of fake accounts and usernames. I have witnesses who have been through this same type of problem with Alain Burrese. I have clients who Alain Burrese has called to slander me. I have a large list of martial artists which Mr. Burrese called and emailed, libeling and slandering me, who I can subpoena to testify in court.

I have evidence of Mr. Burrese’s personal friends who have worked with him to libel and slander me. I have witnesses that Mr. Burrese called my home and threatened me, and I have the documentation from when I filed the police report about Mr. Burrese’s harassment. I also have legal documentation where my lawyer has had to send Mr. Burrese a cease and desist letter, which he then called my lawyer and threatened to report their law firm to the Supreme Court. This is all documented.

I also have evidence which refutes EVERY SINGLE CLAIM made by Alain Burrese concerning my background, my martial art credentials, my family, and my business. This is physical evidence, with many witnesses to back it all up.

For the most part, I have simply ignored his personal attacks, figuring that such garbage just comes with being in the public eye. I have had to block both of his phone numbers to stop him from harassing my family and me. I have had to block him from my social media accounts. My friends have had to block him. The most ridiculous part of all of this is that it is coming from a 50 year old man with a law degree! How pathetic is it for a man at that age to conduct himself in such a manner? It is almost like he never moved on from middle school. This is not the way a 50 year old lawyer, who calls himself a martial arts master and a life coach should conduct himself!

As I have stated, I have many well-respected, well-known men and women who can attest to everything that I have written here. Mr. Burrese, I humbly pray that Mr. Burrese will somehow have an epiphany and start to conduct himself like a man of honor, but, as the old saying goes, “A fool over 40 is a fool forever.” Sadly, I do not have any expectations that this man will ever become a man of character, honor or integrity.

It is said that every test in life makes us bitter or better, every problem comes to break us or make us. The choice is ours whether we become a victim or a victor. As for me, I choose to be the victor.

I will continue to write my inspirational books and articles, and to help people as much as I can. I will continue to live my life with honor and integrity. I will continue to try to inspire and motivate those who read my books and articles. I will continue to strive to improve myself in every way – spirit, mind and body. I will continue to work on my martial arts and protect my family. I will continue to be the best husband, father, and grandfather that I can be, and let others believe what they will.

My background and accomplishments speak for themselves, and are easily verified. In fact, all of my credentials have been verified by at least two people who heard Mr. Burrese’s slanderous lies. I have a vast array of impeccable character references that know the truth and will freely share the truth about me. There will always be people like Mr. Burrese who seek to destroy others instead of inspiring others. The best we can do is ignore malicious people of low character and continue to live our own life to the fullest. KAIZEN!  Bohdi Sanders, Ph.D.

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