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Musashi - spirit, mind, body - Bohdi SandersThe truth is that strength lies in
the interior of the warrior; in his
heart, his mind, and his spirit.
Miyamoto Musashi

Your real strength does not depend on your physical strength training program. It does not depend on your physical training at all; it depends on your mental and spiritual training, your internal training. As Musashi stated, the true source of your strength comes from inside, from the warrior spirit and a focused, disciplined mind.

Anyone can develop a degree of physical strength just by sticking with a weight training program. But real strength comes from the inside. It is the will to win, the mindset that you can do anything, and the never-say-die spirit. With the right internal strength, you can overcome your physical shortcomings.

Just think about Nick Vujicic. He was born with no arms or legs. Nick could have simply resigned himself to thinking that he could never do anything in life. He could have just felt sorry for himself and no one would have blamed him for it; but Nick refused to live like that.

Nick refused to feel sorry for himself, motivated himself, and made something of his life. Today he is one of the top motivational speakers. He participates in many different activities and is an inspiration to hundreds of thousands of people. Now that is internal strength!

The warrior should never neglect his or her internal training. Of course physical training is important, but your internal training is even more important, and will be used much more often. Develop your internal strength and there will be very little in this life that you can’t handle.

Bohdi Sanders
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