The True Martial Artist – The Warrior-Sage – Bohdi Sanders

True Martial Artists - Bohdi Sanders
The true martial artist is an
integration of the warrior and the sage.
He is a man of peace, but
has the ability to destroy.
Bohdi Sanders


Today, it seems like everywhere I go I run into several people that tell you that they are a martial artist. I have heard it all…”I’m a martial artist too. My brother showed me some stuff.” “I’m a martial artist too. I trained for three months at the YMCA.” “I have never officially trained, but I watched some videos on YouTube and I know how to fight, so really, I am a martial artist.”

While these quotes might sound ridiculous to you, the acts that many so-called martial artists pull are no less asinine. I have seen these “martial artists” brag that they have a 10th degree black belt in 10 different style. I have seen them libel and slander other martial artists who are more accomplished than themselves.

I have seen them meet a couple of celebrities at a martial arts function for about 60 seconds, get a photo with them, and then frame the photo in their dojo and tell everyone what good friends they are. I have seen so-called martial artists brag about how many cops they have beat up. I even saw one guy who called himself a “One-man army.” Yeah, right! LOL

All of this is simply dishonest and not the way of true martial artists! Where is the integrity? Where is the honor that martial arts were built upon? Where is their character?

The true martial artist is part warrior and part sage. He (or she) is a person of peace. Real martial artists hate fighting. They love training, sparring, etc., but they hate real fighting. When you hear some blowhard talking about how many fights he gets into and how tough he is, chances are he has never been in a real fight in his life and is about as tough as wet toilet paper.

True martial artists are sincere, humble, and wise. They are warriors, but conducts themselves as warrior-sages. The love the way of peace, but maintain their ability to destroy the human body, should things come to that point. Martial artists such as these have no interest in bragging about what they can do. In fact, they had rather that people don’t know what they can or what they will do if they have to.

They have no interest in collecting dozens of certificates to hang on the wall to show everyone how amazing they are. They are interested in maintaining their skills, the way of the warrior, learning wisdom, and living a life of excellence and integrity. They are men and women of sincerity and honor, not pride and ego.

When you hear someone bloviating about how tough they are or how many ranks they have, feel at ease knowing you are most likely talking to a wanna-be who presents no threat to anyone other than himself. Move on! True martial artists have no time for fools.

Set your sights higher! Live your life as a true warrior-sage. Focus on improving yourself, not on impressing the ignorant. Focus on living a life of character, honor and integrity, not on building your own ego through smoke and mirrors. Only then will you be worthy of calling yourself a true martial artists.

Bohdi Sanders
author of the #1 Bestseller

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