Don’t Take My Kindness for Weakness – Bohdi Sanders

Don't Take My Kindness for Weakness

Don’t take my kindness for weakness;
the beast in me is sleeping, not dead.

Many people are intimidated by the loudmouth, obnoxious guy who appears rough and tough, but are not worried about the kind, silent guy who calmly minds his own business. This is a mistake.

While the rough and tough guys may be bad news, more often than not, the guys who talk tough can’t back it up. They use their words to intimidate others, much like the poker player who holds worthless cards but who tries to bluff his way to winning the pot. He knows that if anyone ever calls his bluff, he will be in serious trouble.

On the other hand, the silent guy who is kind and well-mannered may be able to take you out at will. This kind of man is like the player who sits silently and looks like he is afraid to bet, but who is holding a royal straight flush. There is no reason for any bluster or tough talk; he is holding all the cards and he knows it. If anyone dares to come against him, he will walk away with all the chips.

Never underestimate someone. You never know what cards the other guy is holding, but you do know what’s in your hand. The good news is that, unlike a poker game, you get to decide what cards you will hold in the game of life. You are able to prepare yourself as you will.

Make sure that your silence and kindness is not because of weakness. Make sure that you consistently hold a royal straight flush behind your quiet, kind smile. And always be ready to go all in if the situation calls for it. Make sure your beast is not dead, but merely sleeping and ready to be awakened when needed.

Bohdi Sanders
excerpt from the new book,

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