Defend What You Love ~ Bohdi Sanders

The Warrior's Sword - Bohdi Sanders

I don’t love the bright sword for its sharpness,
nor the arrow for its swiftness,
nor the warrior for his glory.
I only love what they defend.
J. R. R. Tolkien

Warriors don’t work hard perfecting their martial arts skills because they love fighting. They don’t hurt, bleed, and sweat in order to brag about their skills. True warriors don’t train for glory or recognition. They train to protect those who cannot protect themselves – their family, the weak, the elderly, and those who deserve their protection.

The simple-minded pursue the warrior arts for immature, selfish reasons. They want recognition and people patting them on the back, telling them how great they are or how tough they are. They couldn’t care less about protecting others, only about themselves. In reality, they are weak. They need the constant praise of others to validate themselves because inside, they don’t know the way of the warrior.

The true warrior has found this path. He or she understands the difference between training to look tough and training to be tough. He knows how to be a weapon, a weapon that is not waved like a banner to get everyone’s attention, but rather a weapon that is always quietly there, ensuring the protection of those around him.

He trains because he has understood the value of the warrior lifestyle and he has made a decision to live his life as a warrior. He trains because that is who he is; he needs no recognition, no accolades, and no praise. His spirit and mind are at peace with exactly who he is and what he does. He is a true warrior – a man or woman that lives the way of the warrior.

Bohdi Sanders
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