Developing Your Character ~ Bohdi Sanders

Samurai Principles

It is no easy thing for a principle
to become a man’s own unless
each day he maintains it and
works it out in his life. Epictetus

Developing your character takes work. It takes patience, dedication and perseverance. It is not an easy thing to do, at least not at first. There will constantly be temptations to step away from your principles. This is why the perfection of your character is a never-ending process. The opportunities to slide backwards are also never-ending; therefore the opportunities for new victories over yourself are endless.

Each day you have to work at maintaining your character. You have to work at developing your principles. It will become easier and easier as your principles become second nature to you, but you will still have temptations to compromise those principles, even once you have made them your own. Developing your character and living by a set of principles is not a goal, but an ongoing process. It takes work and discipline to resist the many temptations to compromise your standards.

You can liken this to the wise fish who never takes the bait. This fish has learned the strategies of the fishermen. He recognizes all the various baits and lures that he has been tempted with over the years.

Yet no matter how many times he resists the newest temptation that the fishermen cast into his pond, the next day he can be assured that he will be presented with another one. It only takes one bad decision for the wise old fish to end up in the frying pan, only one! Think about this.

Bohdi Sanders
excerpt from the NEW BOOK,
The Warrior Ethos


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