Fathers are to Sons what Blacksmiths are to Swords – Excerpt from Dr. Bohdi Sanders New Book, The Warrior Ethos

Being a Good Father - Bohdi Sanders

Fathers are to sons what blacksmiths are to swords. It is the job of the blacksmith not only to make a sword, but also to maintain its edge of sharpness. It is the job of the father to keep his son sharp and save him from the dullness of foolishness. Steve Farrar

Parenting is about raising children to be mature, well-adjusted adults, not spoiled, entitled brats. Parents need to get their heads straight. They need to quit thinking that parenting is all about making sure that their kids are pampered and constantly having fun, and start taking their duty as a parent more seriously. If you are a parent, your job is to prepare your children to be well-adjusted, mature, responsible, self-reliant adults, period.

As a father, your job is to raise men, not boys. You have a sacred duty to teach your son the ways of the superior man and to teach him about character, honor, and integrity. Teach him about the duties of a man and help him become mature. Allow him to make his own mistakes and then help him learn important lessons from his mistakes, lessons that he will always remember and that will save him much heartache down the road.

Teach him the responsibilities of manhood and help him to understand his duties as a superior man. Help him develop his own code of honor that will serve him for his entire life. Don’t buy into this garbage about how boys need to be boys and that they have plenty of time to worry about responsibilities and duties when they are grown up. This attitude only creates spoiled, overgrown boys, not men.

Bohdi Sanders
excerpt from the NEW BOOK
The Warrior Ethos

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