Warriors aren’t born, and they aren’t made. They create themselves. Excerpt from The Warrior Ethos by Bohdi Sanders

Warriors - Samurai, Budo, Bushido

Warriors aren’t born, and they aren’t made.
They create themselves through trial and
error and by their ability to conquer their
own frailties and faults.
Philip J. Messina


It takes a lot to live the warrior lifestyle. You will make mistakes and fall short at times as you work to perfect each area of your life. What is important is that you never quit working to improve yourself. Continually work to perfect your character. Hone your martial arts skills to a fine edge and then keep them sharp. Slow down and take time to keep your mind calm through meditation and study.

Confucius stated that he wasn’t born with the knowledge that he had; he worked hard to obtain it. In the same way, no one is born with all the traits of warriorhood. They have to be developed over time, through trial and error and hard work. Living the life of the warrior is a decision that one makes. Once the decision is made to walk the path of the warrior, then the real work begins. Making the decision to live the life of the warrior is only the first step in a long, endless process that will continue throughout your life.

Victories begin to be won as you conquer your shortcomings and overcome your mistakes. Each time you resist the temptation to lower your standards or to slack off in your training, you add another notch in your belt. You are constantly creating your character as you live the warrior lifestyle.

Men can be taught to fight, but they develop character through their own efforts. As Gichin Funakoshi stated, “The ultimate goal of karate is the perfection of character.” This is also the ultimate goal of the warrior lifestyle.

Bohdi Sanders
excerpt from the NEW BOOK
The Warrior Ethos

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