Sifu Al Dacascos sets the Record Straight Concerning Bohdi Sanders

Al Dacascos and Bohdi SandersSifu Al Dacascos sets the Record
Straight Concerning Bohdi Sanders

“I want to set the record straight about a photo of Bodhi Sanders and me staging the shots. I went to visit Bohdi Sanders in Loveland, Colorado to discuss and finish my book called “Legacy” in September of 2015. I had many reasons in doing so.

First, he has several books on martial art philosophy that are best sellers and even a couple that hit #1 on Amazon. I wanted to meet the man that was going to publish my book one-on-one and make sure that he was a credible and legitimate martial artist, capable of understanding and keeping up with my presentation of martial arts. And he was exactly that.

We talked philosophy, about life and trained a lot. Talking the talk is not like walking the walk. After going through the mechanical and technical aspects of Escrima and some new techniques that we worked on, done by the numbers, which is normal when learning something new, he was able to be creative and fluid which precision, power, speed, and accuracy, which are the primary goals. In the last phases of creativity and fluidity, nothing is staged, it is where you want to be.

Traditionally, a hard stylist, Sanders was able to transition from one to the other and his flow was as good as any of the hundreds of top black belts that I’ve had the privilege to train and work out with. There are no delusions when it comes to his martial arts skills. There was no staging when it came to the tagging (sparring or fighting) and training we did. There is also no staging when your life is on the line and Sanders is a man that understands this.

During my time training with Sanders, his previous training was obvious to me. After training with him, I had no doubts about his rank or previous training. He has precision, power, speed, and accuracy. I could plainly see the muscle memory in his blocks, counters, and movements. I saw his 5th Dan certificate and it is legitimate. I saw the way he lives and he lives exactly what he teaches in his books. We trained every day we were together and his wife took both photos and videos of our training, and none of it was staged.” Sifu Al Dacascos

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