A Letter to My Haters

MOLON LABE - Come and Take It

A Letter to My Haters

I have been dealing with personal attacks on me, my family and my close friends for over three years now. These attacks have come at the hands of people who can only be described as the lowest common denominator in the human gene pool – Alain Burrese, Thomas Harless, Joe Slonski, just to name the main guys behind these libelous attacks. Since you people have no life of your own, and stalk my every move, I know you will read this post. Enjoy!

I want to take the time to thank you all very much. Your constant threats and widespread lies have brought more attention to my writings, teachings, and books than I could have ever managed as a small, independent writer and publisher. All of the attention that you have brought to me and my books has vaulted three of my company’s books to the #1 spot on Amazon and helped several of my other books to rise to the TOP 10! You have increased my readership from a mere 1,000 people on Facebook to over 150,000 readers. Thank you very much for your help.

You are such dedicated fans of mine that you spend a great deal of your days and nights either reading my pages, my website, my comments, or writing about me across the internet. I have to say, I am very flattered. What dedicated fans you are! This is all great, but in your exuberance, your love of me has apparently turned into an obsession. You have become stalkers and fanatics.

You have all made threats towards me and my family. The police have filed reports on each of you. I realize that for most of you, you are more than used to having a police record and mug shots. Yet you continue to make threats to anyone and everyone who will listen to your empty bloviating about what you are going to do to me. Some of you do it under fake names because let’s face it, you are cowards and cowards really can’t afford to sign their name to such things. I guess that is understandable. Others of you are actually dim-witted, and thus, you sign your name to overt threats or even leave them on my voicemail. I want to thank you for that too; it makes the Sheriff’s job much easier.

There is one thing that I have to apologize for though. In the past, I have made the mistake of thinking that you people were actually rational human beings and have responded in defense of myself on your many libelous posts on the internet as if you were classy enough to see the error of your ways. That was wrong of me. I expected too much of you.

It has been made completely clear to me that none of you are rational human beings, or even real men as far as that goes. Therefore, this is your notice that I will never respond to anything you people write again. Everything that is personally sent to me and posted on any of my social media, will simply be copied and added to your police files. Simply put, you are not worth the oxygen that you breathe, much less my time. But please, continue to follow my writings and provide me with free publicity; every little bit helps.

I always try to make all of my posts useful and to provide some wisdom or teachings in each of them. So I will end this post with this interesting lesson. μολὼν λαβέ, pronounced moˈLON laˈVE, and sometimes written in the modern age as ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ or Molon Labe is a truly classical and laconic expression of defiance reportedly spoken by Sparta’s King Leonidas I in response to Xerxes I of Persia’s demand that the Spartans surrender their weapons at the Battle of Thermopylae. Simply, it means, “Come and take them!” It is a sign of refusal to surrender to lesser men, no matter what.

MOLON LABE!  Bohdi Sanders

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