The Hidden Truth – Thomas Harless, Joe Slonski, and Alain Burrese

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Thomas Harless, Joe Slonski, and Alain Burrese

The Hidden Truth

As many of you know, there has been a group of guys smearing my name on the internet for over two years. The latest attack on my character has been a bogus video posted by Thomas Harless and Joe Slonski. The video claims that these two are “stripping me of my rank and title,” for the second time in the last four months. Now, I ask you, how can two people who I never trained with, never met in person, and who I never earned any rank or title from, strip me of anything? That’s a hard question to answer isn’t it? The truth is – they can’t; their little video presentation is as bogus as a three dollar bill.

I have had this information on these two characters for months. I did not want to have to expose it and have done everything in my power to avoid exposing the truth about these two, because I simply do not like drama. The first time they posted this video, I contacted Joe Slonski on the phone and told him to take the video down, or I would be forced to make public the truth about them. He claimed not to know anything about it and totally blamed Thomas Harless for posting the video. He apologized, admitted that it was a falsehood, and removed the video and the other lies that they had printed about me.

Even after they re-posted this false garbage, I still went out of my way to not have to publicize this information. I called Thomas Harless to give him a chance to remove it, but he refused to talk to me, blamed it all on Joe Slonski, and hung up on me. Since they refuse to quit libeling and slandering me, I am forced to expose the truth about them. Here is the truth…

The Truth

Joe Slonski

Joe Slonski - Where is the Honor and Character?

Joe Slonski contacted me out of the blue and asked me to be on the board of a new martial arts federation, Extreme Budo Federation. He dropped several names of martial artists who I respected and so I agreed to be on the board. After a few months of watching how they handled things, I started to see some red flags and resigned, very respectfully I might add, from the board. After I left, almost every board member resigned as well.

One day Slonski called me up out of the blue and asked what my highest rank was. I responded that I am a 5th degree black belt. He then said he was promoting me to 6th degree black belt. Not wanting to be rude, I simply said thank you and left it at that. He soon started hounding me to get his certificate framed and take pictures of it for him, so I trimmed the top and bottom of the certificate, put it into the frame that holds my REAL certificate, and took a photo of it for Slonski. Then I took it out, folded it, and stuffed it in the file cabinet. This was not a real rank, but now this is the so-called rank that Harless and Slonski claim to be “stripping me of.”  Hilarious!

Soon after this, I found out that Slonski has a history of conning people. His step dad, who was also a member of the board, wrote me and told me that Slonski has a history of drug abuse and has been in and out of rehabs. He also told me that Slonski is a compulsive liar and conman, and that I should never believe a word he says. In fact, he stated it this way, “Joe is an addict. Bohdi, do you know how to tell if an addict is lying to you? If they are talking!” He even stated that Slonski had screwed him out of thousands of dollars and skipped town.

He and Slonski had started another “federation” behind Harless’ back. His step dad, Sal, put up thousands of dollars for this new federation. He had certificates made, a website made, the whole nine yards; and then according to Sal, Slonski skipped town, sticking him with the whole thing. Sal asked me if I wanted to buy it all, but I told him that I was not interested in anymore of Joe’s scams.

Then his step dad told me everything about Joe. He told me how he had let Joe stay rent free in his rental house until he skipped town and went on a drug binge in Colorado. He had bought Joe new clothes, fixed his teeth for him, and paid for his cell phone. He said that he had done everything possible to help Joe, but that Joe had screwed him over time and time again. I could relate to that, as Joe had called me up the first December after I was on the board, and was crying about not having money to buy his kids Christmas presents. I ended up sending Joe money to buy his family food and Christmas presents that year, but it obviously did not mean much to him, as not long after that, he joined Thomas Harless in these unethical and completely false attacks on me. CLASSY!

Joe’s step dad went on to tell me that Joe had used so many drugs, (meth and crack are the ones he specifically stated), that when he moved out of his rental house, the HAZMAT team had to be called to come in and completely clean the house before it could be re-rented. He stated that there were empty drug foils and bags all over the place, along with blood all over the walls. He also sent me this photo of Joe smoking drugs from a drug pipe less than a year ago, and what does that look like in Joe’s right hand?

Joseph Slonski - Drug Pipe?

Even after hearing all of this stuff about Joe, and seeing this photo, I still had a hard time believing all of this, so I started to do some research on my own. It turned out that it was all true and then some. I got in touch with his friends and family, and they confirmed what his step dad had told me. I will not get into it all here. I will simply give you enough information to know that this man is not trustworthy and that the lies that he and Harless have posted about me are completely untrue.

Also, Slonski has been arrested at least twice for domestic violence. Here are the links and mug shots to prove it. Joseph Slonski Arrest Record 1 and Joseph Slonski Arrest Record 2.

Joe Slonski Mug Shot for Domestic Violence    Joe Slonski Mug Shot for Domestic Violence

Joe Slonski Mug Shot for Domestic Violence

In all, I talked to Slonski’s step dad for over three hours in total. This was just a month before he passed away. We talked about everything from God and his near death experience to how broken-hearted he was over how Slonski had treated him. He told me many things that I will not publish here because they would be too hurtful to Joe. I won’t be that hurtful, even to the likes of Joe Slonski. I could go into even more detail about this guy, but I think you get the picture about his lack of character, lack of honor and lack of honesty.


Thomas (Dan) Harless
(notice the belts)

Thomas Harless - Bogus Grandmaster

Thomas (Dan) Harless - Martial Artist or Clown

Harless was Slonski’s partner in creating the Extreme Budo Federation. This guy is another real winner! Harless has personally claimed the following:

  • He put 22 cops in the hospital in one fight. He also claims that he picked up the cop car and turned it over after the fight. And, he was only 17 years old at this time! Wow, Superman re-incarnated!
  • He claims that this is when he was sent to the Marine Corps. He claims that six Marine recruiters came to his court date and asked the judge not to send him to jail because he was a “one-man army” and they needed him in the Marines (the Marines must have been really hard up back then!). He claims that he was given the choice of going to the Marine Corps or facing 22 counts of attempted murder. Now I ask you, what kind of man would brag about beating up law enforcement officers? You know the answer.
  • He also claims that he was experimenting with LSD with his breaking techniques. Now THIS I can believe!
  • He also told me that when he entered the Marines, he knocked out 50 Marines in a row during basic training and that the Marines AGAIN declared him a “one-man army” and said that he needed no more training. You can’t make this stuff up people; the truth REALLY is stranger than fiction!
  • He also claims that he was one of two people in the United States that had a martial arts scholarship to college. And that his instructor, Park Chul Hee, was training him to enter the Olympics to represent the United States Tae-Kwon-Do Team. This seems a bit strange since Tae Kwon Do did not become an Olympic medal event until the 2000 games. That would mean that Harless was training for the Olympics at the age of 44! It became a demonstration event at the 1988 games in Seoul, and became an official medal event at the 2000 games in Sydney. He claims that he was being trained for the Olympics in 1973. I’m afraid not, Danny boy!
  • He also claims that he can stack up 20 bricks and that you can call out any number and he will hit the stack, breaking ONLY the brick that you call out. Maybe it just seemed that way to him when he was hallucinating on LSD…I don’t know.
  • This guy also claims to be some kind of “Mormon Priest.” Last time I checked, Mormons don’t drink alcohol, much less drink to the point of slurring their words. I have been on conference calls with this guy, back when I was on the board of his little “federation,” where he appeared bombed out of his mind. He was slurring his words and crying. His partner, Slonski, told me on several occasions that Harless has a drinking problem. I don’t know if that is true or not. In my opinion, he certainly doesn’t seem to have a problem drinking; he appears to be quite proficient at it.

And the kicker is, Harless put all of this in writing. Yes, I have all of this written and signed by Thomas Harless. As you can clearly see, Thomas Harless has no problem stretching the truth, or completely making stuff up out of the blue. Maybe this issue comes from his self-professed LSD use. I don’t know, but it does seem that he could maybe have a career as a fiction writer.

Before I resigned from what I consider to be a sham federation, I questioned Harless about these ridiculous claims. He became irate, screaming at me during a board meeting. Apparently, when you question a so-called martial artist about his claims, instead of offering proof, he simply turns on you like a rabid dog. He has hated me ever since, making threats to come to my home and even threats to kill me. And yes, I have proof of this too.

Also, if you notice the photos of Harless posted above, he is wearing brand new, gaudy, grandmaster belts. I guess he couldn’t make up his mind about which style he liked, so he bought himself two of them. The funny thing about that is that two years ago, he claimed to be a 5th degree black belt. He started his little “federation” and all of a sudden, two years later, he is dressed like a grandmaster. He claims, “My highest dan is in Taekwondo, but rank lost its meaning to me with all of the McDojos popping up promoting children to Black Belt.” It doesn’t look that way. I don’t know what rank he is claiming now, but at the time that I left the Extreme Budo Federation, he was claiming the rank of 10th Dan. Let me ask you…how do you go from 5th Dan to 10th Dan in two years? The answer is…you start a so-called martial arts federation and you promote yourself to the rank of grandmaster.

Oh, and Slonski is not the only guy in this partnership to be arrested. Thomas Harless has even admitted, on the phony video that he made about me, that he has been arrested. He claims that it was for street fighting, but who knows with his past history. I had to have my lawyer send him a cease and desist letter, to stop the cyber harassment and to stop posting libelous lies about me, which he continues to defy. I have also had to file a complaint against this guy with the police department.



Alain Burrese

Alain Burrese - Internet Troll

Also, I have noticed that the “great Hapkido master,” Alain Burrese, is now buddy-buddy with both Thomas Harless and Joe Slonski, along with the disgraced Hud Huddleston. They seem to back each other and provide each other with much desired pats on the back. I guess it is true that birds of a feather flock together. Very nice company Burrese, but I guess beggars can’t be choosers. Burrese has been burning bridges all over the martial arts world. People are starting to see his true character and are asking him to never contact them again, I am one of them.

Burrese has had multiple complaints filed against him in various states. These are easily found by Googling his name and doing some research on him. But what Google doesn’t show is that Alain Burrese has also had several complaints filed with at least three different law enforcement offices in at least three different states, along with complaints about his morals and ethics, which have been filed with the MT Supreme Court. Here are the links to just a few of his complaints: Fake Motivational Speaker, Bogus Martial Arts Seminar, Disgruntled Student, Complaint about his Company, Alain Burrese – Paper Tiger, Burrese Smears Bohdi Sanders.

Burrese is yet another martial artist whose legitimacy has been questioned over and over when it comes to whether or not he actually earned his belt rank or actually bought it. A source, who I will not name here, contacted Burrese’s “master” in Korea, and reported that he was told that Burrese never tested for his belt rank, but rather “traded” for it. He informed me that Burrese had offered him a deal in exchange for his rank promotion.

According to his “master’s” highest ranking student, Burrese offered to bring this master to the U.S. to do seminars and promised him that he would make a lot of money, in exchange for his rank promotion. This student stated that his master gave Burrese the promotion, but that Burrese never followed through on his part of the bargain, and did not bring the master to the U.S. to do his seminars. How is that earning your rank?

Knowing Alain Burrese as I do, it is my opinion that this report is completely true. I know of several people who have complained of being harassed by Alain Burrese. In my opinion, this guy has the honor and morals of a stray dog in heat. It is my opinion that Burrese is nothing more than a pathetic parasite who wants so badly to be important that he is willing to do or say anything to get some attention, and that he is quite possibly the most dishonest and repulsive person I have ever met.

Burrese used to email me to help him build his business on Facebook, almost on a daily basis. I would share his posts, give him tips on marketing, and help him in any way I could. I later found out that while he was begging me for help, he was also going behind my back and libeling me to my readers and friends. I have the transcripts to prove it. What kind of man has no more honor or integrity than to ask someone for help, while at the same time trying to destroy that person’s reputation and business? The answer is a man with no character, no morals, no honor, and no integrity! That man is – Alain Burrese.

Burrese has been harassing me for over 2 ½ years now. I have also been forced to have my lawyer send him a cease and desist letter, I have had to file complaints with the police, and with other organizations about Burrese’s threats, harassment, and overall lack of ethics. In my opinion, this guy needs to be in a mental institution before he harms himself or someone else. He has harassed my family, my friends, and my business associates. This is not normal behavior from someone who claims to be a lawyer. One would think that a lawyer would be smarter than that, but not Alain Burrese.

He recently contacted my lawyer again, demanding that my lawyer retract what he stated about his experience with Burrese. My lawyer stated that he appeared to be mentally unbalanced, contradicted himself over and over on the phone, and then at the end of the conversation, Burrese stated that, “It will not happen again,” before he hung up the phone. My lawyer flatly refused  to retract his statement and then Burrese started threatening my lawyer. Not smart! But then again, nobody has ever claimed that Burrese is a wise man.

Alain Burrese - The Truth Behind the Facade

Like Slonski, Harless, and Huddleston, Burrese has made many claims which play fast and loose with the truth. So I guess it only makes sense that he would now align himself with two guys like Thomas Harless and Joe Slonski.

I have been extremely patient with all three of these guys. This can be verified by many martial artists who have witnessed what has been going on over the last 2 ½ years. But my patience does have a limit. I will no longer remain quiet while Larry, Moe and Curly continue to lie and attack my reputation, my family and my friends. Therefore, I have been forced to expose these three dishonest and dishonorable people.  Bohdi Sanders, Ph.D.

Action Defines Character.
Sifu Al Dacascos

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