Alain Burrese and His Lackeys – Smear Campaign against Bohdi Sanders

Alain BurreseThe Truth About Alain Burrese

Alain Burrese and/or his lackeys have been involved in a smear campaign against me for almost two years now. He has libeled, slandered, and defamed my character over and over again. In my opinion, he has had his lackeys do a lot of his dirty work for him, using fake names and usernames, but Burrese has been caught red-handed over and over again, both writing libelous emails to my readers and calling other readers and martial artists and spreading slanderous lies about me.

Yes, Alain Burrese is a liar, at least where his comments about me are involved, and I have abundant proof of that fact. Let’s look at some of Burrese’s lies one by one and you will see how this man will lie through his teeth in order to smear my name.

Burrese, and/or his friends, have repeatedly stated that I am a con man because my name is not really Bohdi Sanders. This is a LIE. My social security card, driver’s license, tax returns, etc. all clearly state that my legal name is William Bohdi Sanders. Burrese was even stupid enough to claim that Bohdi is not my name, on a harassing phone call that he made to me two days ago. Burrese LIED!

Burrese, and his lackeys, have repeated stated that my book awards are fake and that I bought them all. This is a LIE. My book awards were all won, fairly and squarely from some of the top, national book contest. Burrese actually admitted this when I called him on this during a phone call. His response was simply, “I guess Wikipedia was wrong.” It is funny how he calls my book awards fake, but his own buddies enter the same contest and have never won. Burrese, if all you have to do is pay your money to get the book awards, why haven’t your buddies won any book awards when they entered the same contests as I did? Burrese simply lied! Here is the information about my book awards: Bohdi Sanders’ Book Awards.

Burrese claims that I am not a real martial artist. Well, I don’t know how Burrese defines a real martial artist, but I have been practicing martial arts for over 31 years and I hold the rank of 5th degree black belt. Again, Burrese LIED. I have trained with many martial artists over the years and have had my own dojo with 65 students. I also trained both of my sons, who won many first place trophies for both sparring and forms. Burrese lied! Here is what Grandmaster Al Dacascos said about my martial arts:

“Dr. Bohdi Sanders…I’ve had the privilege to stay at your house while working on my book “Legacy” in September 2015. The chance to pick your brains and work with a writer that actually knows what he’s talking about and who can perform his martial arts to back it up, just as he says he can, puts me in good company and in a reputable circle of influence. Your philosophical principles and your physical ability and skills makes your karate strategically solid. Stay the course and keep it straight and tight and you will even weather the bleakest of storms.” Sifu Al Dacascos

Burrese claims that my doctorate is “fake and that I simply bought it from a diploma mill.” This is another lie. I earned my doctorate just as I earned all of my other degrees. He also claims that my school was not accredited. Another lie! Yes, my school was accredited, but not regionally accredited. That did not matter to me since I was enrolled for the purpose of gaining knowledge, not impressing anyone else. Burrese LIED!

Burrese went on to say, “I did wonder sometimes why someone with PhD was teaching high school.” Why wouldn’t I teach school? I guess Burrese doesn’t care about helping kids make something out of their life. But to answer his question, I like working with high school and middle school kids. And, while we are on the subject of teaching school, Burrese might be interested to know that my so-called “fake doctorate” has been accepted by both the state of Colorado and the state of MO towards my teaching certification. Again, Burrese LIED. Here is the information on the school that apparently keeps Alain Burrese up at night: My Credentials.

Burrese claims that I simply bought all of my martial arts hall of fame awards. Will this guy’s jealousy issues never cease? This is another blatant lie. I was nominated for each of those awards by fellow martial artists for my contributions to the martial arts from my writing and my books. Once again, Burrese LIED! Here is the contact information for my awards: Hall of Fames.

Burrese wrote a comment on one of his many desperate Facebook pages that he had challenged me to get on the mat with him so he can prove that I am a fake. This is a lie. Burrese has never challenged me to get on the mat with him, at least not until two days ago when he called to once again harass me. I called him on this lie, and he back peddled, first claiming he never wrote that, then stating that I didn’t train with him on the one day that we actually met in person. I called him on that lie too. That was actually a BBQ that he invited me to, which I made a quick appearance and then left. He never said anything about me getting on the mat with him there; in fact, there was no mat there at all. I left him speechless when I asked him how that equates to challenging me to get on the mat with him…then I told him anytime he wants to get on the mat, he knows where I live. His tone changed very fast at that point. Burrese simply LIED.

Burrese stated, “Check out his website and you will find everything on it is BS.” Again, this is a total lie. I have had multiple people check out my credentials and each one stated that they checked out exactly as I stated. Again, Burrese LIED.

Burrese and/or his lackeys stated that my Reiki certification is fake and that I took some weekend course. Can this guy even tell the truth about anything!?!? Once again, Burrese lied. I did my Reiki Master Certification over several weeks, training with the highly regarded Reiki Master, Cathy Cole. What a surprise… Burrese LIED.

Burrese stated to one of my readers, “I never lied about anything, so I have nothing to be ashamed of.” Burrese never lied?!? That is completely laughable! Here are more comments from Alain Burrese and/or his friends who are out to hurt my reputation. You can plainly see the true character behind the following comments, all from Burrese and/or his lackeys.

“Let’s start with his name. “Bohdi” Sanders’ real name is William. “Bohdi” is obviously a play on “Bodhidharma.” It’s cute. I can actually imagine the process that led to him selecting this nickname. On one hand it makes him sound accessible, like a “good old boy,” while also suggesting some deep, “warrior” monk-like wisdom.”  LIE!

“My novel sells way more than his books, so if he’s an award winning best selling author, what can I call myself…He doesn’t teach, he doesn’t do anything but put out other people’s quotes and comment on them and make pretty pictures with photoshop. Hardly a warrior there. And he doesn’t even get everything right.”  LIE! Wow, sounds like someone is very jealous!

Alain Burrese

“While they sound impressive, these awards are also “vanity” awards…Everyone who pays is either a “winner” or a “finalist.”  His degree is fake, too.” More LIES!

“And all you Bohdi Sanders groupies…I dare you all to try to come to his defense…come on…bring it! You’re all a bunch of purple kool-aide drinking morons looking to a self-proclaimed warrior wise man to bring meaning to your lives…it’s so sad…”  Very Classy!

“I guess the “B” in William B. Sanders stands for “bullshit liar.”  Classy!

“Bohdi should really take the time to apply all his Yoda-isms to himself before throwing them out to be consumed by his ignorant following of purple koolaid drinkers…” Another classy comment…

“Bohdi posted a pic of his son and a mountain lion he (his son) killed on a hunting trip.” A complete LIE!

“the Bohdi Sanders purple koolaid society is getting obsessed with knowing who I am.  My identity and credentials are not relevant.” Imagine not wanting to put his real name on his comments!

“I might put up an entire thread using what they say as examples of the levels of “enlightenment” Billy’s followers have.  All the folks that gave him money to speak at their events might be demanding it back.” Another blatant lie! I have never been paid to speak anywhere.

“I would expect his female purple koolaid drinkers to be screaming about the rampant sexism on his site…I mean, really…is that what it’s all about? Whacking material for arm-chair martial artists?”  Classy!

“So Bohdi…does your wife know you spend your days cruising Asian fetish chick pics all day?” Blatant LIE!

“He doesn’t have a shred of integrity.” More lies!

“The guy is CLEARLY a misogynist and sexist pig.” More lies!

“Bohdi is so full of ****, whenever he opens his mouth it looks like he’s dispensing chocolate ice cream…”  WOW… just wow.

Alain Burrese

“the guy is a consummate BS artist and apparently completely deluded…” LIE!

“Bohdi is an armchair warrior, just like most of his followers and most MMA and martial arts-obsessed folks on the internet.”  LIE!

“Bohdi’s no master…maybe a mastur…well, we all get that joke.”  Classy!

“So Bohdi…for the past few days I’ve been wondering…
What EXACTLY does Richard Hackworth’s ball-sack taste like?
You, after all, should know…The two of you are so cute together…like a couple of moon-faced, idiot cherubs…”   Very classy!

“I translated the Japanese on his belt…it says “I was the last winner!” COMPLETE LIE!

“martial arts aren’t regulated in any way in this country, and that instructors (and non-instructors claiming to be instructors like Sanders) can pretty much do and say whatever they want” LIE!

“Most people I know who have talked to Sanders remark that he seems to actually know very little about martial arts, especially since he claims a 10th dan.”  More blatant LIES!

“All of Burrese’s “products” (books, blogs, and videos) are polished and professionally produced…and often plagiarized by others (including Sanders). Simply go to Bohdi Sanders’ sites for examples if you don’t believe me.”  A LIBELOUS LIE!

Alain Burrese

All of the above comments, every single one of them, are complete and utter lies, smut, and trash. I have been dealing with this online harassment, stalking, libel, slander, and defamation of character for almost two years now. That is why I have decided to post this and show the truth about Alain Burrese and his little helpers. No wonder these people use fake names most of the time; who would want their real name attached to such classless, trashy, blatant lies?

The truth is that Alain Burrese, and his lackeys, have done nothing but lie about me, my credentials, and my background. Whether it was from complete ignorance or malice, I will let you make up your own minds about that. In my opinion, it is obviously malicious. These people have harassed me and my family, libeled and slandered me, and defamed my character; that is all a fact.

I have had to report Burrese to the police and I have had to have my lawyer write Burrese a cease and desist letter for his continued harassment and lies. From what I have seen, and from what others have told me, it seems to me from my perspective, that this stuff is a pattern with Burrese and his lackeys, as I know of several other people who these people have harassed in the same way, and at least one other person who has had to send Burrese a legal cease and desist as well.

I decided to do a little research on the guy to see what I could find out about him. I found several other complaints about Burrese and his apparent lack of ethics.  Here is a link to one of them (I found several) about Burrese you guys may want to check out. Google his name, you will find quite a few complaints about this guy.  Paperback Bad Ass – The Alain Burrese Story

It is a shame that Alain Burrese, and people of his ilk, can get away with libeling, slandering, and harassing people online, like they do. I really do not know how people, like these people, look at themselves in the mirror at night. Where is honor, integrity and character in today’s society?

I have sat quietly by, thinking that this bastion of honor would stop harassing me sooner or later, but he hasn’t. His phone call to me a couple of days ago was the last straw. I will no longer sit by while these kind of people libel, slander, and defame my character. I have presented you will many quotes straight from Burrese and/or his lackeys. Make your own mind up about his honor, integrity, character, and honesty.

Alain Burrese

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