Warriors Fight Fire With Fire!

Fight Evil with the Right Weapons

God gave his arch angels weapons
because even at the beginning,
He knew that you don’t fight evil
with tolerance and understanding.

I have seen so many “keyboard warriors” on Facebook makes comments about how anyone who carries a gun or a knife is a pansy. They say that real warriors would never carry a weapon, that their hands and feet are the weapons.

That is simply some wanna-be warrior talking about stuff that he doesn’t understand. Throughout time, warriors have carried weapons, and those weapons have advanced with each new generation.

The Bible even states that the angels are equipped with weapons. The apostles carried swords. All of the great warriors of old carries weapons. But for some reason, these wanna-be warriors think that carrying a gun or a knife is somehow dishonorable. Their ignorance shines bright!

If your life is on the line, it is NOT a competition. It is NOT a game to prove how tough or how skilled you are. It is only about survival. The wise warrior not only carries weapons, but knows how to use them and when to use them. Pride will get you killed.

Bohdi Sanders
author of the new book

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