Uncontrolled Anger Only Hurts YOU!

The fire of anger only burns the angry.

The fire of anger
only burns the angry.
Chinese Proverb

There is a time and place for controlled, righteous anger. Anger is like dealing with a very hot fire – it can be very useful, but if not handled right, it can also be very dangerous.
Uncontrolled, lingering anger is much like having an uncontrolled fire in your home, it only hurts you, and those closest to you, not the person that you are angry with. Unlike the uncontrolled fire, your uncontrolled anger will eat away at you from the inside, preying on your mind and your spirit.
When you allow your anger to run rampant, lingering for weeks, months or even years, you are allowing it to get the best of you. You are allowing your enemies to hurt you, even after their actions are gone.
Don’t allow your enemies to continue to get the best of you. Control your anger and let it go. Instead of allowing anger to take root in your mind, deal with your enemies rationally and win. If there is nothing you can do, let it go; if you can set things right, do so. But don’t allow anger to control your thoughts and your actions.

Bohdi Sanders

author of the new book


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