Project Strength to Avoid Conflict

Project Strength To Avoid Conflict

Project Strength to Avoid Conflict.

Predators look for the weakest target. They look for victims, not challenges. If you project strength, real strength, then there is a very good chance that they will pass you by and look for easier prey.

This is not to say that you should try to bluff your way past the predators. Sooner or later, those who try to bluff their way through life, get their bluff called; and when that happens, you lose. Bluffing is a dangerous game.

You must project strength through strength. Once you have developed strength and martial arts prowess, you automatically exude an aura of strength. People can sense that you are not a victim and that you are not someone to mess with. Project strength, but at the same time, be able to back it up if you have to. Bohdi Sanders ~ author of the new book, MEN OF THE CODE

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