The Right Road

The Right Road

Someone once asked, “Why do you always insist on taking the hard road.”

I replied, “Why do you assume that I see two roads?”

To the warrior there is only one road – the path of the warrior. That road is not the easy road. It is not the one that most people choose because they see a choice – the easy road or the hard road. The warrior does not look at his life in those terms.

The average person looks at life in terms of what is best for him or her personally. The warrior looks at life in terms of what is right. To the warrior, there are not many choices to choose from; there is only right and wrong.

Warriors are dedicated to what is right, so they do not see two roads, but only the right road. And they do not consider whether that road is easy or hard, only whether or not it is right. The road may not be easy for the warrior, but the choice of roads always is.

Bohdi Sanders ~ author of the award-winning best-seller, MODERN BUSHIDO: Living a Life of Excellence

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