Control Your Fear and Be Courageous

No Fear Samurai Warrior

Fear is not real.
It is a product of thoughts you create.
Do not misunderstand me.
Danger is very real.
But fear is a CHOICE!
After Earth


Think about it, where does fear come from? It is not a physical thing, but it can produce physical reactions. It is not a spiritual thing, your spirit knows no fear. Fear is totally a construct of your mind and your thoughts. You create it by the thoughts that you dwell on. It is not a real, tangible thing, but rather a mental manifestation, that when dwelt on, has real affects on your body, your mind, and your life.

If fear is a product of your thoughts, and it is, and you have total control over what thoughts you dwell on, then allowing fear to control you is nothing more than a choice. It is a matter of controlling your mind. Instead of choosing to to banish thoughts of fear and doubt, you choose to dwell on them, thus giving them power. If you would simply acknowledge the fearful thought, refuse to allow it to remain in your mind, and then move on, thinking rationally, fear would have little to no affect on your mind or your life.

Are there things that you should be afraid of? I know my answer to that is going to be controversial, but the answer is a resounding NO! Fear is a weakening, worthless emotion. It is something that should be banished from your life.

There are, of course, many things in life that you should recognize as dangerous. This doesn’t mean that you have to fear them, only that you need to understand the danger associated with certain things or situations. Acknowledge the danger, then make rational decisions on what to do concerning the specific danger.

But fear does not help you with this; it only distorts the thinking, weakens the spirit, and clouds the mind. Danger is real, but fear is a choice, a bad choice. Think rationally!

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