The Warrior Must Mold His Life

Samurai warrior on horse

Stop waiting for things to happen;
go out and make them happen!


The Universe does not work like some socialist utopia where everyone is given everything equally. The things that you want are not going to just magically show up at your door simply because you desire them. You have to get up, take action, and make things happen.

In this world, nobody owes you anything. The Universe owes you nothing. Your neighbor owes you nothing. Your life is nobody else’s responsibility. If you want something, you have to apply yourself, apply your mind, take action, work for it, and reach out and grab it.

Anyone, and I mean anyone, can be successful in this world, if he or she is willing to do what it takes to make it happen. Success is not tied to your background, your past, or your current circumstances. Success is available to everyone, but too many people are not willing to work for it. They are comfortably numb with where they are in life.

If you want to achieve something in this life, do it. Whatever it is, you have the power to reach your objectives. The only question in life is whether or not you have the fortitude, perseverance, and will to discipline yourself to achieve your goals. If you do, nothing can stop you. Just do it!

Bohdi Sanders
author of the Best Selling book,
MODERN BUSHIDO: Living a Life of Excellence

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