Why You Use Manners and Live by Your Principles


GentA gentleman will open doors,
pull out chairs, and carry things.

Not because she’s helpless or unable,
but because he wants
to show her that
she is valuable and worthy of respect.


I can’t emphasis enough that point that you do what is right because it is right, not for recognition or reward. Every time I post a post about opening doors for others, I get lots of comments about how some women are rude about it. My answer is, “So what?” People are rude. People are uncaring. People are unthankful and unappreciative. Live by YOUR principles anyway.

One of my favorite quotes is, “The man of principle never forgets what he is, because of what others are.” Baltasar Gracian. Don’t allow the opinions or actions of others cause you to change your principles. Decide once and for all, what kind of man you will be and then be that man, period. Don’t be like the chameleon and change your actions depending on how other people act or who is around. Decide to be a man of principle and be that ma!

Yes, some women will be rude when you open the door for them, open the door for them anyway. Some people will be jerks to you when you are nice, be nice anyway. Some people have no manners, use your manners anyway. Live your principles in spite of what anyone else does or does not do or say. You decide who you will be and how you will live, nobody else.

Bohdi Sanders
author of the award-winning book,
MODERN BUSHIDO: Living a Life of Excellence

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