The Path of the Warrior and The Warrior Lifestyle


The path of the warrior is lifelong, and
mastery is often simply staying on the path.
Richard Strozzi Heckler


The warrior lifestyle is a journey, not a destination. It is a lifelong approach to living your life, day by day, by the standards and code of ethics that you have set for yourself. To stay on this path you have to follow certain directions, just as you would follow a road map or signs to make sure that you remain on the right highway. You can’t just aimlessly go through life with no direction.

Character training is the road map to the path of the warrior. You must study the qualities that make up the character of the warrior. Meditate on these character traits until they become a part of your spirit; until they become who you truly are deep inside. No one is born with all of the character traits which make the warrior an extraordinary man. These traits have to be developed through study, training, meditation, and learning from your mistakes.

Yes, the warrior makes mistakes. No one is perfect. The difference in the ordinary man and the warrior is when the warrior makes a mistake he learns from his error and makes the necessary changes that will help him make better decisions next time. He is constantly trying to improve his character.

His mistakes do not mean defeat unless he allows them to cause him to give up the path of the warrior. Mastery will come if you simply stay on the path and continue to learn and improve your character every day. Don’t get frustrated with the apparent lack of progress in your journey. Remember, this is a journey, not a destination.

Dr. Bohdi Sanders
excerpt from the book,
WARRIOR: The Way of Warriorhood

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