Live Your Life by Your Standards and Principles

StandardsI refuse to lower my standards to accommodate
those who refuse to raise theirs.
Steve Gamlin

Apathy and low standards seem to be at an all time high in today’s society. People have forgotten the importance of manners, honor, integrity, and character. They have little to no respect for others, even their own parents. Loyalty is virtually meaningless in today’s word. And things which should be held as sacred or in high esteem are mocked mercilessly.

But, none of this means that the warrior will lower his or her standards. The true warrior refuses to lower his or her standards to accommodate those who refuse to raise theirs, or who have none to start with. The warrior lives by his standards, or principles, regardless of what others do, or do not do.

Don’t allow those who have forsaken the true path to influence your beliefs or behavior. Never lower your standards to accommodate others. The warrior is what Confucius called the “Superior Man.” He (or she) is not meant to live as those have low standards and low character. He is superior to them in his principles, his thoughts, his character traits, and all his ways. The king does not grovel to fit in with the peasants, no does the warrior set aside his code in order to fit in with those who have no code.

Baltasar Gracian put it this way, “The man of principle never forgets what he is, because of what others are.” This is one of my favorite quotes. Never forget who and what you are, because of what others do, or how they live their lives. Never forsake the path of the warrior to accommodate those who take the low road. The warrior always takes the high road, no matter what road others choose. Dr. Bohdi Sanders ~ author of the new martial arts quote book, Martial Arts Wisdom.

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