The Warrior – The Hero


The Warrior - The Hero
The ordinary man is involved in action,
the HERO acts.
Henry Miller

How many times have you seen the video of someone getting mugged on the street and people either standing at a safe distance watching, or just walking by and glancing at what is happening, without giving a second thought to stepping up and helping. We have all seen those video clips. So many people simply are not courageous enough, or just plain do not care enough, to get involved. These people are involved in the action by watching or just being there, but they do not act.

The hero, on the other hand, ACTS. When the hero or the warrior sees an injustice happening, he can’t just stand back and video tape it or merely walk on by, hoping that someone will help the poor victim. It is simply not in his nature to let a predator prey on an innocent victim without getting involved. The warrior takes action, even if it could put him in a dangerous situation.

I had someone review on of my books, and in his review he called my philosophy on the warrior lifestyle, elitist, and went on to say that I am teaching people to be better than others. Well, I guess I am. The man, or woman, who steps up and gets involved IS better than those who are too cowardly to help. The warrior who is willing to put his life in danger to help those in need IS better than the self-centered coward who only thinks of himself.

The warrior lifestyle does produce the best of the best. Others may indeed call those who strive to hold themselves to a higher standard elitist, but being labeled will never stop the warrior from striving to be the best that he can be. The warrior is not an elitist; he simply is, as Confucius put it, the superior man (or woman). He is superior, not because he sees himself as better than others, but because he takes the time to develop better habits, he strives for perfection in every way, he acts instead of just being “involved,” when action is called for. He is the hero standing ready to act when his help is needed. Bohdi Sanders ~ award winning author of the #1 bestseller, Modern Bushido: Living a Life of Excellence

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