NEW Martial Arts Quote Book – MARTIAL ARTS WISDOM!

NEW Martial Arts Quote Book

It was my goal to compile the most complete, extensive book of martial arts and warrior quotes, maxims, and stories on the market, and I think that I have met my objective.

Martial Arts Wisdom contains OVER 800 QUOTES, MAXIMS, and STORIES specifically for martial artists & warriors! Never before has any one book contained such an amazing amount of wisdom from so many different martial arts masters, sages & enlightened teachers!

The wisdom contained in Martial Arts Wisdom will guide you on your martial arts path and will teach you valuable lessons about the martial arts, self-defense, and living life to the fullest with gusto, honor, character, and integrity!

Look for it soon on and on before the end of July! I think that this one is the book that every martial artist and warrior will want in their library and will refer back to, time and time again.

Here is the very first look at the cover of Martial Arts Wisdom!

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