Martial Artists Must Live by Honor and Courage

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Shun any action that will diminish honor.

When you have a decision to make and you are back forth about what to do, the first thing that you must look at in order to make the right choice is whether or not the action is honorable. If the action in question is dishonorable or will in any way go against your code of honor, don’t even consider it. It is as simple as that. Any action that will diminish your honor is not the right path for you to take, even if it seems that it might be, for whatever reason.

If your honor is compromised, you have chosen the wrong action. In order for your code of honor to be meaningful, it must be unbending. Don’t compromise where your principles are involved. Don’t be willing to put your honor on the shelf for a period of time in order to perform an action that you know full well goes against your code of honor. Doing this reveals that your commitment to honor is weak and that you don’t really take it that seriously, but it is simply a convenience rather than an integral part of your life.

Your honor must be more important to you than the many other things that tempt you to act in ways which might cause you to violate your code. Men of true honor will place their honor above personal gain or profit. There will be things which they will refuse to do, even if they find them enjoyable or profitable, simply because their honor forbids them to be done. The warrior puts his code of honor first in his life, and by doing so he finds that everything else falls into place. Live with honor.

Bohdi Sanders
excerpt from the book, The Warrior Lifestyle

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