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In whatever position you find yourself,
determine first your objective.
Marshall Ferdinand Foch

Your objective is your goal or your purpose. As you may already know, in order for you to hit your target, you must first know what your target is. This is common sense. The first step in achieving your goal is knowing what your goal is. Without knowing what your goal or objective is, how would you determine what needs to be done in order to reach your objective. Different objectives require different actions in order to successful.

This principle applies to everything that you do. The first step in any endeavor should be to determine your objective. This is particularly important to the warrior and yet another of the traits which sets the warrior apart from the man who is only a street fighter. The street fighter will not let an insult go unnoticed or unaddressed. His foolish pride will not let such an offense slide. He has a warped sense of honor which tells him that he must put this guy in his place.

The true warrior, on the other hand, takes into account his objective in this situation. Is his objective to save face, or is his objective to keep himself and those under his care safe in this situation? I think you know the answer. Knowing what his situation is, he knows what his response must be. Different objectives require different responses. It is only when you know what your objective is that you can know what your action should be, and once you have determined your objective, the appropriate actions are much easier to discern.

Bohdi Sanders
excerpt from the book, The Warrior Lifestyle

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