Is Karma Real?


Is Karma Real?

I get A LOT of wonderful emails, and several nice, meaningful gifts, from my many fans and readers, but one really blew me away. Out of the blue on day, I received an email from a reader in Texas named Daryl Kyle, and it read,

“Hey I was brought to you by a friend. I make real, battle-worthy Swords using official highland swords, all originally used in films and shows, my offer is true to make you sword. A $1,000 dollar sword…my treat! You obviously inspire a lot of people and bring hope and encouragement to them. So this is karma bringing you what you don’t expect.”

Now, understand, I get A LOT of emails, from around the world, that offer me everything you can imagine. Many of them are fake or want money from me, etc. So, when I was approached out of the blue and offered a custom, handmade sword from someone I didn’t know, I did have my doubts about whether or not this guy was for real – HE WAS!

A couple of months later, I received a REAL handmade sword that was modeled after the original sword from the Highlander series. Not only that, but this sword was top of the line! The blade is full tang and ready for use; this wasn’t a replica that is meant to merely set on the mantle as decoration.

The hand guard is made out of solid brass. The handle made from kevlar, and the carving on it is simply amazing. The blade is sharp enough to shave my arm (not that I make a practice of shaving my arm, but loving knives and swords as I do, I always end up testing the blade against my arm hair). Daryl also included a handmade bag for my sword. This amazing gift now hangs proudly in my living room.

Thank you so much Daryl! I am honored beyond words. The sword is one amazing gift. May your karma come back to you 10 fold my friend.

I will be posting a photo of me with my new, unexpected treasure as soon as I can get my wife to slow down and take a picture of me with it, but I did want to go ahead and gets some shots of it posted. If you are looking for a place to make you a custom, handmade sword, I can highly recommend Daryl and his company, Texas Steel Props & Replicas! He will do you right.


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