Warrior Preparedness

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Remember how lucky you are to live in a
time of peace and plenty, but prepare for worse times.
Code of the Samurai

Most of us live a peaceful life. In our society today, unless you are in the military or work in law enforcement, you most likely live in peace and plenty. Even those in our country who are on the bottom of the economic pecking order live a life of plenty when compared to people in many third world countries. We live in a time of peace and abundance in the United States today, but there is no guarantee that things will always remain as they are today.

The Code of the Samurai points this out to us. The samurai saw both times of peace and prosperity and times of war which ravished their country. They knew from experience that things can change, and change quickly. Times of peace and plenty can turn into times of chaos and anarchy in the blink of an eye. It is wise to be prepared for the possibility of a time when things will not be so peaceful and when prosperity turns to scarcity.

You lose nothing by preparing for bad times during the good times. When things are good and you are surrounded by blessings, it is time to think of defending yourself against the change of tide. Be disciplined enough to save some of your wealth for a rainy day. Keep yourself physically fit and your martial arts skills sharp. Be wise enough to realize that nothing lasts forever, good or bad. Enjoy the good times while they last, but at the same time prepare for the bad times just in case your fortune changes.

Bohdi Sanders
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