Be Careful of Your Thoughts!

Be careful of your thoughts;
they are the beginning of your acts.
Lao Tzu

Many people think that their thoughts really don’t matter as long as they don’t act on the negative or inappropriate thoughts, but thoughts have energy. In the Tao Te Ching, Lao Tzu tells us that you need to be careful of your thoughts. Your thoughts are the beginning of your actions.

Keeping your mind clear and calm is part of a warrior’s training. You should strive to keep your thoughts on a level plain because your thoughts can and do affect your emotions. As I have said before, you cannot afford to allow your emotions to control your actions.

You have to be rational. Keep your thoughts rational. Keep your purpose in mind and focus on what will achieve your goals. Will getting angry help you achieve your goal? Will being upset and dwelling on what has just happened change anything? No, that is living in the past. You can only deal with your problems and decide on the right action to take by being rational and focusing your thoughts on rational solutions.

This is one reason why the warrior should study and meditate on the wisdom of the past. By keeping your thoughts on things which focus on honor and integrity, you allow these qualities to filter down to your actions.

When inappropriate thoughts pop into your mind, stop them in their tracks. Don’t give them a chance to develop roots and turn into actions. Controlling your thoughts is one of the hardest challenges you will have in your training, but it is vitally important.

Bohdi Sanders

excerpt from WARRIOR WISDOM

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