Death of a Warrior

Death of a Warrior

When my time on this earth has expired, I have no desire to be sealed in some over-priced box, by strangers who never knew me, nor cared about me. I have no desire to be displayed in some church, like a dead outlaw, riddled with bullet holes and displayed for all to see, merely so everyone can get one last peak at the body that I once inhabited. Don’t play some outdated church hymn or have some preacher, who didn’t know me, give some rehearsed speech over my lifeless body.

Instead, burn my body like a warrior, under the full moon, in an open air pyre, with a Native American flute playing in the background, knowing that I am no longer there, but watching from above. Honor me not by praying for my soul, which will be safely where it belongs with the Creative Force which created it, but rather by gathering to remember the good that I have done during my short time on this planet.

Watch as my old home burns. Listen to the sounds of nature, accompanied by the soft, spiritual sounds of the flute. Reminisce about my accomplishments and the footprints I left for others to follow. Remember the good I brought to this world, and erase from your memory the things that I did before I found the path of honor – the path of the warrior.

Think of the good, the positive, and the honorable, while watching the fire consume the body that I no longer need. And as the fire burns down, raise a glass in memory of a man who did his best to protect and care for his family, and teach those who had a desire to learn. Toast in honor of a man who lived as he believed to be right, according to his sense of honor and integrity, without feeling the need to conform to society’s norms or accept the beliefs which did not resonate with his spirit. Raise a glass in honor for whatever good I left behind and for the lives that I touched or helped along the way.

May you walk away from the last smoldering embers, not with a feeling of loss and despair, but rather with a feeling of pride and honor that you knew a man such as me. Send me on my way as if I were embarking on a long adventure, knowing that this is not goodbye, but merely goodbye for now. And, don’t cry over my departure, for I promise to see you all again soon.

Bohdi Sanders ~ Modern Bushido


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