Your Greatest Enemies are in Your Mind

Your Greatest Enemies are in Your Mind

The greatest enemies, and the ones we must mainly combat, are within.

Everyone has enemies, even the most jovial, well-liked person has people who would love to see him crash and burn. You have enemies, even if you don’t realize it, but most of your enemies are no threat. Most of them don’t care enough or are not malevolent enough to truly cause you any problems. In fact, you may never have to deal with your enemies at all, at least not your external enemies, but there are enemies which we all have to deal with on a regular basis, and as Cervantes stated, they come from within.

These enemies are the ones that the warrior must conquer in his quest to live the warrior lifestyle. Just like external enemies, these internal enemies are different for each person. Some may take the form of laziness or fear, while others may take the form of anger and temper. Everyone has their own individual enemies to deal with during their journey on the path of the warrior. The important thing is that you do not let your enemies defeat you and prevent you from obtaining your goals.

You know what your own personal enemy is and it is your responsibility to figure out how to defeat this enemy. There are no small, insignificant enemies. Each one has the capacity to do some damage and set you back in your quest. Don’t let your internal enemies slide – crush them and render them powerless. This is an important part of being a true warrior.

Bohdi Sanders
(from the book WARRIOR: The Way of Warriorhood, page 3)

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