The Enlightened Warrior and Pure Law

The Enlightened Warrior and Pure Law

Highly evolved people have their own conscience as pure law. Lao Tzu

This is the point which the true warrior seeks to arrive, a place where your own conscience is so evolved that you know what is right. Once you get to this point, you have no need of any man-made laws to keep you in line – your honor and integrity is your law. Sure, there is more to enlightenment than honor and integrity, but these traits are the beginning.

The key words in Lao Tzu’s statement are “highly evolved.” If people who are not highly evolved try to make their conscience as pure law, there would be chaos and anarchy. Their conscience is flawed because of a lack of honor and integrity. This is why we have to have laws in the first place.

If everyone was highly evolved, we would have little to no need for the corrupt politicians that make laws which, for the most part, are self-serving in some way. These very same lawmakers prove on a daily basis that they are not enlightened nor live by the laws of honor and integrity. But because of people’s refusal to live as they should, we have evolved into a culture which allows these corrupt men to make laws to keep those, who will not discipline themselves, in line.

So what is the answer? Learn to become your own law by becoming highly evolved. Develop your character to such a highly enlightened state that the government’s laws are practically a non-issue for you.

No, I am not suggesting that the enlightened warrior does not have to obey the law, no matter how crooked and underhanded it may be. Doing so would only cause you more problems in your life.

What I am suggesting is that when you develop your character to such a highly evolved state, the laws that these dishonorable politicians pass, will be a non-issue to you because you will already be living by what is right. Your conscience will become more strict than any biased law with personal agendas.

You will be living by the pure law – universal law that you receive directly from the Source which has no agenda except for being right and just. You will find that when you live this way, you will walk in internal peace, and that the politician’s arguments over their all-important laws are basically meaningless to you.

And, the more you develop this highly evolved, enlightened state of mind, the more you will be unaffected by the everyday things which annoy other people. You will become your own pure law, and you will live by your own standards, not the standards set by those void of honor. At the same time, you will be meeting and exceeding their silly laws by living by your own pure law.

Continue to seek to perfect your own character and you will find that you are becoming more highly evolved each day, and that you can count on your own internal voice to guide you, and guide you correctly. As you continue, your conscience will become your own pure law, and you will be on the path of enlightenment.

Bohdi Sanders
The Wisdom Warrior

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