Spiritual Power and Human Perception

Spiritual Energy and Power of the Mind and Spirit

Spiritual Power and Human Perception

Ponder all things, and establish high your mind.

The majority of people tend to be overly sure about how things on this earth are. They are willing to fight over their opinions, even if their opinions are unfounded. They will confidently tell you how the world works, what is possible and impossible, and what should and should not be done, all according to their own personal understanding of the world.

Of course their understanding of the world is based only on what they have seen, heard, experienced, or read. With most people, this is merely a miniscule fraction of the knowledge that mankind has, and the knowledge that mankind actually has is a drop in the bucket compared to what we do not know.

On top of that, each person tends to see things through a set of filters, filters which have many complex layers. Your experiences affect how you perceive things, what you believe, and basically what you think about the world in general.

People should not be so sure of what is and what is not possible, or about how the world really is. The fact is, when it really comes down to it, they do not know. When you base your opinions on only what you personally see, hear or feel, it is easy to feel that you are correct because you believe that you have experienced something personally and therefore “you know.”

But that is not always the case. For example, you have all seen sand. There is probably no one reading this that has not played in sand or walked in sand at one time or another. If I asked you if you know what sand looks like, your answer would be, “Of course I do!” You would say this with complete confidence and no doubts.

But do you really know what sand truly looks like? Probably not. Oh, of course you know what sand looks like to you, but do you know what sand actually looks like in reality?  I mean, what it looks like to God. The link below shows you the reality that you cannot perceive with your physical eyes, at least not without some help.


Hummmmm… Has your perception of sand changed some, now that you have seen sand from another side? I bet it has. This same reality can be applied to most things in life.

Do you really understand who and what you are? Most people will quickly answer, “Of course I do.” But take a minute and ponder whether you truly know who and what you are. Do you really know who and what you are or do you merely know what you can perceive with your physical senses and the limited ability of your mind?

Maybe there is more to you than meets the eye. Maybe if you could see yourself through the eyes of God, you would see something much more beautiful, exquisite, and powerful than your mind can even imagine.

If an ordinary grain of sand looks so beautiful and amazing when seen as it truly is, imagine how you must look through the eyes of God. What does the part of you, which is unseen to the human eye, truly look like? What could you actually do if you used all of the power available to you?

Imagine the spiritual and mental power that you have, which you are unaware of simply because you have never seen it or used it. Is there much more power available to you than you thought there was? Do you have abilities that you have never even imagined?

Just like there is much more to a “common” grain of sand than meets the eye, there is much more to you than you know. Maybe it is time for you to tap into the unseen and see yourself as you truly are, and start using the power that you truly have to change things in your life and in your world. Don’t sell yourself short. You don’t have to see yourself through ordinary eyes. Be brave enough to take a much closer look and you may find that what you thought you knew, only scratched the surface of reality.

The landscape lies far and fair within, and the deepest thinker is the farthest traveled.

Bohdi Sanders

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