Politically Correct Rip Tides

Politically Correct Rip Tides

Every action we take, everything we do,
is either a victory or defeat in the struggle
to become what we want to be.

Anne Byrhhe

We live in a politically correct environment, like it or not, that’s simply the way that it is in our current society. Be this as it may, the fact that we are living in less than ideal times, is no excuse for compromising your warrior ideals. The ideals of the warrior lifestyle should be a part of who you are, not things that you use or set aside as you please or when you find them personally convenient. Living according to your ideals or code of ethics, while definitely important, is not the only concern of the warrior, especially warriors who have family members who depend on him.

It is one thing to make a bold stand against wrong when you are the only person who has to deal with the consequences; but the terrain gets a bit trickier when the consequences of your actions affect your loved ones. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not suggesting that this is a justification for not living up to your code of honor. What I am suggesting is there is more than one way to take care of business, as is evidenced in the following example.

Never do anything against conscience
even if the state demands it.


I will use a comparative example of the way the Samurai achieved their goals versus the way the Ninja accomplished their objectives. Both of these cultures successfully met their objectives, but used completely different means to do so. The Samurai addressed wrongs openly, no matter what the consequences may have been. They considered it a dishonorable act to work in stealth instead of righting a wrong immediately, face-to-face, with all cards on the table.

The Ninja, on the other hand, believed that it was better to achieve their goals through stealth, with as little problems as possible. To the Ninja, working in stealth and manipulating outcomes from the shadows was not only a smart strategy, but one which both accomplished their objectives and kept their family safe. In fact, there are many records of Samurai employing the Ninja to accomplish their goals in this way because the Samurai’s code of honor would not permit him to work from a position of stealth without “losing his honor,” even if the stealth option was the best way to proceed.

It is circumstances and proper timing that give
an action its character and make it either good or bad.


This brings me back to today’s politically correct climate. The true warrior today still must adhere to his code of honor; this should be a given. What today’s warrior must decide is how he will maintain his honor, constantly do what’s right, and address the many wrongs that he or she is forced to deal with in daily life. There is the Samurai way, which is up front, abrasive and “in your face,” and there is the Ninja way, which is more subtle and thought out. When the warrior is a “lone-wolf” (single) the decision is purely one which he or she makes depending on the situation and one’s willingness to deal with the consequences.

For example, your boss may be a complete snake who is involved in dirty deals and who misuses his staff. If he approaches you to do something that is dishonorable and goes against your code of ethics, the warrior has two options (going along with his request is not an option for the true warrior.) One option is going ballistic on him and letting him know how you feel about him and telling him where he can shove his job. The other option would be to explain to him that you do not feel comfortable with what he has asked of you and working behind the scenes to have this man replaced by someone more deserving.

These two actions have will most likely have very different consequences for the warrior, but both serve to keep your honor intact. In both cases the warrior has refused to lower his or her standards and has addressed the issue. One results in the warrior giving up his income, moving on, and the boss continuing to do as he has always done, with one less obstacle. The other, results in the warrior continuing to provide for his or her family, while at the same time working to set things right.

Some may see the second option as the coward’s way out, but that point of view is not accurate. The warrior has not compromised his honor, and he has not acted selfishly by considering only what he feels like doing at the time instead of what is wise and best for his family. The first option may be a viable option if the warrior is single and has no one else who depends on him, but things change a bit when one has a family to consider. The warrior’s first and foremost duty is to his family, and when considering how to respond to different problems, he must take into consideration how his decisions will affect his family.

It is not enough to make something look good.
The underlying principle must be good.

Joyce Sequichie Hifler

Now, there may be times when honor requires that the warrior make a move that will temporarily put his family in a position where their lifestyle is not as cushy as it has been. Sometimes one’s code of honor will require sacrifices, but to do so when things could be handled just as well without putting ones family out, is simply acting out of selfishness. Sure we would all like to put our boss in his place and tell him what he can do with his job, when he is out of line, but that temporary feeling of power and satisfaction is a selfish act if it affects someone other than the individual warrior.

In today’s politically correct climate, you should always think before you speak or act. Freedom of speech is nonexistent. If you don’t believe me, try making some openly offensive remarks concerning religion, sexual orientation, or similar subjects in your workplace and see what happens. If we actually had freedom of speech, there would be no consequences (with the exception of someone maybe shutting your mouth for you). Today’s climate creates a slippery slope for the warrior; you have to watch what you say(you should always do this anyway, but today it is vital to your well-being).

It is dangerous to swim against the current when you are caught in a rip tide. It is also dangerous to swim with the current; doing so would take you out to sea. Either way, there is a good chance that you will end up drowning. The wise man will swim parallel to the current until he reaches a safe position. Just as it is dangerous to swim against the current or with the current, it is dangerous to the warrior to openly go against the current of political correctness or with the current of political correctness. Swim parallel until you are out of the current and can safely return home.

We ought to do everything both cautiously
and confidently at the same time.


This does not mean that you condone what is happening or that you are afraid to address the idiocy of political correctness; it means that you are wise enough to know that there is a right place and a right way to attack your enemy. Every action of the warrior must be calculated and thought out. Strategies should be carefully considered with rational thought, not made rashly from an overly emotional mind. Your emotions have a way of setting you up for a fall.

This takes self-discipline, especially for the warrior who would love nothing better than to go against the ridiculous flow of things and set everything right, but strong rip tides can drown even the strongest swimmers. Use your mind and respond from a place of rational thought instead of allowing your emotions to take the lead. Consider the consequences, maintain your standards, think rationally, and then respond as the sage warrior. Rash actions rarely benefit you, whereas rational thought and listening to your spirit will always give you the best options.

Choose well; your choice is brief, and yet endless.

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I – I took the one
less traveled by and that has made all the difference.
Robert Frost

Warrior Wisdom

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