The Root of the Warrior Lifestyle

The Root of the Warrior Lifestyle

The superior man is watchful over himself
even when he is alone.
Chung Yung

Continual self-improvement is at the root of the warrior lifestyle. The warrior must be constantly improving himself in every area of his life. In Japan, this concept is called kaizen which literally means constant, never-ending improvement. Constant, never-ending improvement is exactly what the warrior lifestyle is all about. Warriors must strive to improve themselves spiritually, mentally, and physically daily.

One should be careful to improve himself continually.
Shu Ching

Many of the warriors from throughout history attempted to do just this in the lives. They took their spiritual beliefs seriously and spent time daily reflecting and meditating on those beliefs. They knew what they believed and why they believed it. Warriors made attempts to improve their minds through studying and learning during times of peace. Keeping their bodies fit and prepared for battle was a top priority, as was keeping their marital arts skills ready for when they might be called on to use them.

Return to the root and you will find the meaning.

The same should apply to modern day warriors. Strive to be well rounded. Know what you believe in spiritually and make time for that part of your life. Do all that you can to educate yourself. Read and learn about a variety of subjects. Study books on wisdom and apply it to your life. Keep yourself in shape and make sure that you continually add to your martial arts skills and that they are sharp and ready to be used when needed. This is the warrior lifestyle. It is a lifestyle of excellence, not complacency.

Live rather than avoid death.
Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Everybody who lives dies.
But not everybody who dies has lived.
Dhaggi Ramanashi

It is all too easy to become complacent with your life. The demands and stress of daily life can zap your energy and cause you to just want to veg out. Our society offers multiple forms of escapism, from the computer to the television. It is so easy to just sit and stare at a box today instead of get up, dig deep, and find the will to work on the many areas of your life which need to be cultivated. It takes effort and it takes discipline, but it is worth it.

I am the master of my fate: I am the master of my soul.
William Henley

Next time you feel the effects of stress setting in deep inside your mind, draining your energy and your spirit, take control and remind yourself that your time is much too valuable to allow anything to steal it from you. No matter what your situation or circumstances may currently be, don’t allow depression to rob you of your precious time. Yes, this can be hard to do, but nobody ever said that the warrior lifestyle is easy. Failure is easy, but it takes work to live a life of excellence.

Take a deep breath of life and consider how it should be lived.
Don Quixote’s Creed

Bohdi Sanders
Warrior Wisdom

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